Vision Statement

To exalt and execute the mission of God revealed to father M. Devadasu Ayyagaru. The vision of the Bible Mission Ministries is to prepare the Holy Bride for the second coming of our Lord. The Mission to achieve the holiness and everlasting Life to receive a great reward from the Lord Jesus Christ when we meet him in the heaven (Song of Solomon 1:1). The Bible Mission Ministries shall be the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ; and continues the work according to the Will of Lord – John 2:5.

We are dedicated to work on below things to fulfill the vision
  • India is primary country for practising and preaching the Spirituality. So exalt the Bible Mission based in India
  • Translate Bible Mission Literature into all languages to have abundant Life through Jesus Christ
  • Create core concepts of Bible Mission in audio, video, graphical and animation formats to have knowledge of Triune God
  • Conduct seminars, workshops for transformation of mortal to immortal Life through the technology of the Bible Mission
  • Practice cultural events/festivals of Bible Mission in each State/Nation in their local language

Mission Statement

The mission of "Bible Mission Ministries" is to realise the divine qualities in the congregation through the Umbrella of below Services

  • Through the Love of God, Bible Mission Ministries to share the God's love for his people by education, health and comfort people in need – John 15. Provide spiritual, primary and technical education through Bible Mission eSchools
  • Through the Life of God, Bible Mission Ministries to revive lives of his people. Abide by the word of God – John 12:50
  • Though the Truth of God, Bible Mission Ministries to reveal and establish the Truth – John 1: 17, 17:17 to set the Church free from unhealthy bindings (disease, debt, slavery ...etc).
  • Through the Holiness of God, Bible Mission Ministries to establish a platform to engage members in the holy works than mixing in the world and fell in sin – Rom 14:23, 1 John 3:4, 5:17.
  • Through the Justice of God, Bible Mission Ministries to stand on the side of poor and meek righteous people – Gen 18:19, Psalms 89:14.
  • The ultimate Mission is to realise the promises manifested in songs క్రైస్తవా సంఘామా ఘన కార్యాములు చేయు కాలము వచ్చును (Time will come for the Church to perform mighty works), మనోవిచారము కూడదు నీకు మహిమ తలంపులే కావలెను (Do not be depressed, you will have glorious thoughts), బహుగా ప్రార్దన చేయుడి (Pray God a lot) .

We have started Software Development Kit (SDK) for all platforms. The details will be provided soon on this website