Objectives of Bible Mission Ministries

  • To prepare the Holy Bride for second coming of Lord Jesus Christ
  • To make Bible Mission literature available on electronic devices like smart phones, TVs and computers


  • To Promote St. Devadas Ayyagaru Vision, Call, Commitment, Burden, Sharing, Testimony, Teachings and his methods
  • To promote Christian Unity among Churches, Outreach, organizing seminars, discussions, conferences, Gospel campaigns, Christian festivals and removing social evils thoughts too
  • To encourage Christian Youth and Women and child development
  • To establish Church planting, Evangelization, Literacy and non-formal education
  • To establish educational institutes, Primary, Secondary, Higher, Technical, Theological and Medical education
  • To develop the social and cultural activities for the welfare of the society
  • Voluntary help during natural calamities such as cyclone, Tsunami and Earthquakes
  • Establishing and searching the ways of self sustained employment, establishing of old age home and Children home
  • To take suitable steps required for the proper management and to attain the aims of objects of the association
  • To develop social and charitable activities irrespective of caste, creed and religion with various ministerial activities