Spiritual food

The mysteries of Bible revealed. The everlasting Gospel is started. Communication with God is established through practice the Sannidhi (Holy Presence of God)

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One of the great asset for God's people is literature of Bible Mission. Songs, poems, chants,  commentaries, gospel tracts & pamphlets are promisses of God.

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God is in heaven and His influence is everywhere. His Holiness, Life, Truth, Righteousness, Love, Justice, Wisdom are Omnipresent. We are transformed to His divine attributes

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God Loves you so much

Temporary pleasures leads to slave of something which destroys our Life.  If we are away from God, we will go into hands of Satan. God defeated Satan through Crucifixion of Lord Jests Christ

If we know the Truth and follow, the Spirit of God dwells in us and we are delivered from slavery of this world. We will have God's divine attributes and bring forth the fruits of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control 

If we away from God due to tribulation, Hell is ultimate tribulation. God want us to be with Him. So be with God, enjoy each and every moment of your life in natural way. Praising God is natural flow and joyful. So always thankful to God and practice praising His Glory


Next Steps...

Give some time to God to talk to you. He reveals His plan in your life. Obey for His anointment. Enjoy joyful fruits of Life.