Overview of Bible Mission


Started on Jan 31, 1938. Read book Abhayani to know what are the driving factors to bringout Bible Mission.

The core teachings of Bible are :- God exists. The almighty God residing in heaven is one; and His influence is across all. The worlds are moving according to His Plan of Salvation. Human beings are designed to have his divine attributes, God given us the capability to hear His voice and power to talk to Him. He provided Conscience to guide us the right Way and Heart to enjoy His presence. The covenant between God and Man is Lord Jesus Christ, because of Him, we got the Holy Spirit. We get everlasting Life through Him. On the second coming of Lord, we all will be transformed to glorious body and be with God forever. All signs are over and God can come at any time. Church shall say "O Lord Come!". Maranatha. Below are some unique identities


More than 100 years association with God, Devedasu ayyagaru revealed many mystorious things in Bible. The Bible knowledge is presented Wisely so that there is no scope for non spiritual things. The paradigm of understanding the God and Bible is architected for everlasting Gospel (Rev 14:6). Plan of salvation charts are prepared and explained in simple manner. These end to end concepts are presented in books, songs, poems and chants (dandakam). The reason for Lord's second coming is Love in church. So book of Revelation and Song of Songs are explained verse by verse.

బైబిలు జ్ఞానము


As specified in 1 Corinthians 14:26, order of worshiping God is evolved over the period of time as Holy Spirit guides. Literature is available for Early morning order of Sannidhi (meditation), worship God for his divine attributes, worship God for His second coming, rebuke Satan, prayers of submission. Sunday order of worship. Worship procedure for various occasions. Timely prayers. Types of prayers. Practice for anointment of Holy Spirit, practice of freedom from sin, practice of fasting prayers and special anointment. Exam heart with 10 commandments.

ఆరాధన క్రమము


As divine healing is part of ministry (Matthew 4:23) Bible Mission testifies healing with faith and Holy Spirit. Literature available for Divine Healing of body, soul and heart. Divine Healing centers are established for all people; anyone can come and its separated from worship order of Church. Bible Mission teaches God's Holy Spirit help in problems of family, finance, enemies, evil spirits and help in tongues, miracles, divine healing. But Healing center timings must be separated from regular Sunday worship, personal meditation and other worships.

దైవిక స్వస్థత


Result oriented unique prayer pattern called Sannidhi to have close communication with God. Literature available namely 7 Steps of Prayer, Wealth of Sannidhi, Presence of God, Order of Sannidhi, Sharing of Messages during Sannidhi. The power in Bible Mission directly measured with who practices Sannidhi.

సన్నిధి వర్తమానములు


Devadasu ayyagaru requested God please ask some one else who is strong to start this mission as I am very old person. But God promised that 'He will take care'. Now His promise got fulfilled and many churches are established across the globe. Even Healing centers and sannidhi practices are there in many locations.

అంతర్జాతీయ సంఘములు


Since 1938, Bible Mission meetings are conducted in special way. Uniquely organised every year during Jan 27, 28, 29. Special care is taken care by Holy Spirit so that every one leaves with presence of God with a personal message though in crowd. Every church also conducts meetings at least once in a year.

మహా సభలు



Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to Love God and each other (John 15:12). Only thing against commandment of Lord Jesus Christ is hatred. So Bible Mission messages are based on Love but does't reflect Hate and Negative.

విద్వేష / వినాశనకర బోధ కాదు


Bible Mission started when there is no man power and money. God started and God established. When other missions (RCM, Lutheran ...) have schools, boardings and hospitals, Bible Mission started with Word of God and divine healing center.

నిరుకు సొమ్ముతో కాదు


Bible Mission will not emphasize on Don'ts as it is written in Colossians 2:20-22. Teachings are to reveal the Truth and replace worldy things with divine attributes. So its not against any church, mission, denamination, person or religion. It Specifies Do's.

వ్యతిరేకమైనది కాదు


Bible Mission will not be ceased till second coming of Lord Jesus Christ. It has special anointing to play big role during Rapture. So it will grow internationally even in obstacles.

ఆగిపోయేది కాదు


Bible Mission is not just started without goal. It has responsibility to prepare Holy Bride for Lord Jesus Christ. The ultimate vision is to work with God to establish the Kingdom of God.

గమ్యం లేనిది కాదు


Bible Mission is not established by forein missionaries or organisations. God Himself revealed Bible Mission to Mungamuri Devadasu ayyagaru. There wont be any funding from other countries.

విదేశములపై ఆధారపడినది కాదు



To know the ultimate Truth of Bible. God, His divine attributes, Invisible Creation, types of Angels, His plan of salvation, creation of 7 worlds, creation of earth and men. How God established the Truth, what will happen if we practice falsehood. How Love holds all divinity and become as Lord Jesus Christ, Works of Holy Spirit, Signs of second coming, language of Revelation, Rapture and heavenly Kingdom. End to End truth is revealed for all mankind.

సత్య ప్రత్యక్షత కొరకు


For everybody who loves God, the ultimate aim is to have everlasting Life in heaven. If we well prepared for Lord's coming and Holy tobe stand in front of Him, we definitely meet the God. To acquire the knowledge and prepare our heart, literature of Bible Mission helps understanding and enjoying the Truth of Bible. Devadasu ayyagaru got great revelation of Book of Revelation and Song of Songs. Each message starting and closing is with sense of Lord's coming.

రాకడలో ప్రభుని మేఘమెక్కుటకు


The real enjoyment for godly people is direct communication with God. God is always knocking the door; if we open our heart, He dwell in us. Practice of Sannidhi is to keep quite before God to listen what God is telling. Its great wealth for who rejoice in God's presence everyday. This literature was revealed during Sannidhi. Who practices Sannidhi are part of Bible Mission. Each one's anointment will be revealed in Sannidhi. Who can't practice may not see God.

సన్నిధి సంపద కొరకు


Christian Life: Repentance and reborn is onetime phenomina. Baptism and getting salvation is entry level. But the transformation is continuous process. Everyday we need to practice transforming our body from the pattern of this world to God's divine qualities by the renewing of our mind to know God’s will. This is ultimate, pleasing way of Life.

దైవలక్షణ ధారణకొరకు


There are levels in glory in heaven. The desciples of Lord Jesus Christ will be on the throne with Lord. Similarly who follows God by denying their life will get crowns in heaven. We have mansons for us in heaven. Bible Mission always reminds second coming of Lord Jesus Christ and heavenly Kingdom. Servents of God shall get great prizes in heaven.

పరలోక ధన్యతల బహుమానము కొరకు


Practicing the Truth is powerful living on earth. Early Christians who practiced Truth transformed the world with Love, Peace and Hormony on the earth. God wars against falsehood. His creation gives full fruit when people follow Truth. Practice living in Truth to get everlasting Life. The instinct for innovation is Truth. All false preachers will fade away. Truth Lives.

సత్యమును ప్రేమించి జీవమునొందుటకై

Hate Not any Nation, Denomination, Religion or Person. Ask God for Revelation of unknown things.