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Bible Mission Framework

Snapshot of the crux of Bible Mission

See God
God revealed two simple things
  • God manifests himself to you, talks to you directly. Ask God to reveal the unknown
  • Love God's creation and do not hate any nation, denomination, religion or person

God has given you a complete authority on your life. But you need a key to enjoy the authority. The code of the key is "God". But Satan hacked the code and added other codes "I", "I am", "I am only" - any thing starts with "I". So your key can open the door based on the code you speak. Code of God

  • "God" - opens the door to God, he comes in and comforts you. His omnipotent energy strengthen you

  • "I am" - opens the door to Satan, he comes in and pulls you down

So let us be in the hands of God, the creator of your life. God loves you so-much. Though you are very happy with your family, the everlasting love of God adds the real taste of Life. You may not be able to explain it but really you can experience it. Don't say "its all because of me", say "its all because my God's Spirit"
Aligning with God's plan is called Righteousness

నీతి మార్గమున్ నిల్పును నన్ను ఇక నీతిలేని నాకు తన సునీతి దయచేయున్, స్వనీతినిన్ ద్రుంచున్

The Key

The key verse of Bible Mission is: Do whatever God tells you - John 2:5. There is a simple and powerful way of living. As God is available right now, associate with God, listen to Him, obey for His guidance.

Prayer: O God! please manifest your presence right now. Please prepare our heart to listen to You. Amen.

There is only one foundation for all human beings. He is the Christ. So let us be positive and love the people of God. This article is meant for beginners and described in spoken language for better understanding. Here I am presenting some core foundations of Bible Mission based on the study of books, songs and poems that God revealed to Devadasu Ayyagaru. To avoid confusion, let us define Bible Mission:
=> Bible: Holy words and Mighty works of God to provide the live evidence to the existence of God.
=> Mission: the vocation or calling of a religious organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith. So the meaning of Bible Mission can be viewed as, "The special work/task given by God to a team to establish the Word (Truth) of God".

Its our great honour to work for the Mission of God.

    Bible is working right now (at this point of time). So we continue
  • Work according to the Bible
  • Be a part of God's continuous work
  • Be bold to work with God
  • A powerful lifestyle guided by God
  • A live task/work given by God; right now, directly by God during Sannidhi (holy meeting with God)
  • A close association with God to establish His Will on the earth
  • Working for a vital experience of the Life

The four pillars

Bible Mission Framework For guaranteed result to achieve a vital life (good health, job, excellent experience of life) on this earth and to live forever with God, we need to build our life according to the plan of God. As God created this universe for us and planned our vital life in the beginning itself, the simple step is to avoid the confusion of lots of Do's & Dont's; and follow the easy path as early as possible. Build your life style on below four pillars. Please make your mind to align your life according to the plan of God.

  1. పునాది బండ – Foundation for Life

  2. రూపాంతర కొండ – Transformation to attain divine attributes of God

  3. సన్నిధి గది - Communication with God

  4. మరనాత మది - Consciousness of Second coming of Lord Jesus

We are going to discuss each pillar in detail on this page. You can share your experience of transformation, we will publish your testimony on this page. Please visit again for more info. Meanwhile, as God is available right now to you, please associate with God and continue building your life with the power of God. May God Bless you. Maranatha!