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Author: Mungamuri Devadasu ayyagaru

  • Thanks to Bible Mission Headquarters and other albums of Ezra Sastry, Stevenson, Sam Jo , UECF Website...etc.
  • Please Pray for remaining songs
  • Please pray for other missing songs to be available soon. We can publish here even if missing song is locally played in church. Just record your song and send me the link or .mp3; this way we can provide the way to sing the song.

  • Many thanks to sister Grace for providing songs text and other articles in Telugu UTF format

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Today's Verse

dove Maranatha! Do not Hate any Nation, Denomination, Religion or Person * Listen to Lord Jesus Christ * దేవా! నాకు కనబడుము, నాతో మాట్లాడుము. దేవా! అందరికి కనబడుము, అందరితో మాట్లాడుము - తధాస్థు. iiBM బైబిలుమిషను పాఠశాల