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Bible Mission Ministries
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Bible Mission Ministries
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Bible Mission Ministries
Salvation is at hand. Repent, be Transformed
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Bible Mission Ministries
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Bible Mission Online : General Guidelines

Below listed website/youtube/facebook pages provide good insight of Bible Mission messages, songs and historical info.

Note: Please note that below info is purely based on the online presence of Bible Mission churches (దేవదాసు అయ్యగారు దేవుని యొద్దనుండి అందుకొన్న ఆరాధన క్రమమును జరిపించే సంఘములు ).

Guide Lines

  • Give a meaningful name to YouTube channel, do not add personal videos to the channel
  • Create a separate Facebook page for the Church, Do not give admin access to unauthorized persons
  • All official, authorized content shall go though one authorized admin
  • Minimum criteria => Tags : "Bible mission + devadasu ayyagaru". Title : "Bible Mission"

There are many Bible Mission churches across the world. We wish to list all of them on this page.


Please ensure Facebook privacy settings are in your control. People are tagging bad pictures. For more info see Facebook settings. see section: "Reviewing Stuff Others Tag You In" on the above link.

Bible Mission Churches

Bible Mission Guntur and Kakani Thota

Bible Mission Mudunurupadu

Bible Mission Tenali

Bible Mission Eluru

Bible Mission, Choutuppal, Hyderabad

The Bible Mission, Berhampur

The Bible Mission Church, Atreyapuram

Shalom Devalayam - The Bible Mission church, Ravulapalem

Bible Mission Church, Nuzvid

Bible Mission Kadapa

Bible Mission Warangal

Bible Mission Khammam

Bible Mission Ravulapadu

  • Zion Maranatha Church, V.V.Prasad
  • Email: prasad.zion.gp@gmail.com & gracechandu87@gmail.com

Bible Mission Gopalapuram

  • Zion church, Rev. V.V.Prasad
  • Email: prasad.zion.gp@gmail.com, gracechandu87@gmail.com

Bible Mission Singarayakonda

  • Rev. k. Rakada Aharon Kumar
  • Email: biblemissionsingarayakonda@gmail.com

Bible Mission Denduluru

Bible Mission Munduru

Bible Mission Machilipatnam

Bible Mission Ramacgandrapuram

The Bible Mission Vijayawada

Bible Mission Pasalapudi


Today's Verse

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dove Maranatha! Do not Hate any Nation, Denomination, Religion or Person * Listen to Lord Jesus Christ * దేవా! నాకు కనబడుము, నాతో మాట్లాడుము. దేవా! అందరికి కనబడుము, అందరితో మాట్లాడుము - తధాస్థు. iiBM బైబిలుమిషను పాఠశాల