Prayers and Praises for the Lord's Coming

  1. A young man from a distant land informed his people that he was coming home.

    Would they not feel happy on receiving the message and await his arrival? Likewise, the Lord also promised to come.

    Would the young man fail to come after his message ? Would he not come some time or the other ? In the manner his people waited for him, if we also wait for the coming of the Lord Jesus, then we can fly back with him to the promised land.

    We believe this O Lord, and praise Thee.

  2. A certain young man wrote home that he was arriving by a particular ship.

    So, his people went to the port at ‘Kakinada’, to receive him.

    The ship arrived; but, for some reason the young man did not turn up.

    His people went home disappointed.

    But, the young man arrived by the next ship.

    Seeing that his people were not there to receive him, he went back.

    Similarly, many people just leave, finding the coming of the Lord delayed.

    As the young man arrived by the second ship unexpectedly, the Lord also will come and take with Him those who are ready.

    So, let us pray to Him to prepare us to go with Him, even if His coming is delayed.

    O Lord, even if Thy coming keeps us waiting, grant us Thy grace to be ever prepared to go with Thee, without joining those who remain unprepared and deny themselves Thy eternal presence.

    With this faith we offer our praises.

  3. A certain man wrote to his wife that he was arriving by a particular train and that she was to receive him, failing which he would never more come home.

    The wife prepared the food and went to the railway station in time.

    That day, it so happened the train was late by two hours.

    So, she went home, intending to come back by the expected time.

    But, when she was away, the train arrived, the husband alighted the train, searched for his wife all over the place and finding that she was not there, he felt sad and disappointed, and left by the same train to another place.

    In the same way, if we wait for the Lord and become complacent about His Advent, He may come unexpectedly and we can not join with him.

    So, it is imperative for us to be waiting for him prepared, so that we may accompany him.

    O Lord, grant us Thy grace to wait for Thy advent well prepared, for which we offer our praises.

  4. A certain passenger, on reaching the Godavari railway station was informed that the train had already left.

    As the train was to stop at the Rajahmundry railway station, 3km away, for half an hour, he immediately engaged a horse cart and reached the station, bought his ticket and boarded the train.

    In the same manner, we also should use our discretion, complete our earthly responsibilities in time to prepare for the Lord's second coming.

    Even if delayed by any chance, we must, by any means, receive the Rapture cloud.

    O Lord, we believe that Thou shalt bless and guide us to use our intellect like the passenger so that we may partake of Thy advent.

  5. A certain weaver was weaving a blanket, just before his scheduled departure by a train.

    As there was just a little work to be completed, he asked his people to go in advance and buy tickets including for him.

    He completed the work quickly, set up everything properly and went to the station.

    But as he arrived late, the train had gone.

    So also, we may fail to catch the Rapture as in the case of the inadvertent of the passenger.

    O Lord, prepare us not to fall victim to such delay at the time of Thy second coming.

    We praise and glorify Thee for Thy care.

  6. Some people take upon themselves manifold responsibilities, and getting engrossed with them, forget about the coming of the Lord.

    Meanwhile, He comes and takes with Him those who have waited and kept themselves ready.

    Those who first complete all their jobs and then wait for the Lord will find that the Event has already happened.

    Similarly, those who are obsessed with their worldly interests will eventually fail to meet the Lord.

    O Lord, grant us Thy grace not to be guilty of neglecting Thy coming in such manner and trusting which we praise Thee.

  7. Those who are not mindful of the Advent prayers, scriptures and thoughts can not be a part of the Lord's coming.

    Hence, we must keep our minds on these, whatever be our regular obligations, in order to have access to the Lord's glory.

    O Lord, we trust Thou wilt keep in us the thoughts of Thy coming; and for it accept our eternal praises.

  8. Just as a farmer, cleanse the grains of the stones in a threshing floor, sieving and sifting the grain from the chaff, we also have to discard our sinful thoughts and evil ways.

    Then only can we turn into worthy grain tube lifted at the Lord's advent.

    O Lord, Thou canst help us purify ourselves and we give Thee our eternal praise.

  9. A certain woman had a girl baby.

    The baby crawled around and soiled herself.

    The mother washed her.

    Again the baby did the same thing three to four times and every time the mother washed her.

    Likewise, we have to cleanse our minds of evil thoughts and regularly sanctify ourselves with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    If we fail to do so instantly, it will be too late.

    The moment we fall in sin, we must purify ourselves with the Lord's blood any number of times and make the assertion ‘victory in the blood of Jesus, a constant refrain in our lives.

    O Lord, we glorify Thee because Thou wilt give us Thy grace to partake of Thy coming.

  10. Those who go on a long journey can not travel comfortably unless they have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee both morning and evening.

    So also, unless we enjoy the spiritual food of the Lord's Body and Blood, we can not make the journey of this life.

    Only by taking the Lord's communion can we enter into the Lord's Rapture.

    O Lord, we believe that we are strengthened to join Thy Rapture by being nourished with Thy’ Holy Eucharist’ thou hast kept ready for us, and we offer Thee our exaltations.

  11. There are some in the Christian congregations who say that the second coming is near at hand.

    Only some believe in it.

    Some others do not.

    O Lord, if those who do not believe have a change of heart, prepare them for Thy Advent.

    Let those who have believed be strengthened in their faith.

    Create the faith in those who are skeptical.

    Prepare all those who do not believe, who can not believe and have already believed in thy coming.

    We trust that Thou wilt make Thy Church ready for Thy coming, and we give our salutations.

  12. Among the heathen, there are people who have accepted the Lord and also those who remain in their unbelief.

    How can they be prepared for the Rapture ? Somebody has to guide and instruct them, or else they will be lost.

    Whether they are prepared or not, we pray that they be helped to prepare.

  13. Christians avow that the ‘Second Coming’ will follow certain signs.

    But we have to pray for those who make light of this belief saying that these very signs have already been there, and there is no perceptible change even today.

    Hence, we have to pray that the believers record the various signs manifested at different times, in different countries, and which are yet to be revealed, and also the extra signs outside the Bible.

    We have to pray that these be written soon, in order that the whole world may become aware of them.

    O Lord, we trust Thou wilt raise such devout followers to write and show to the world the signs of Thy coming and we express our grateful thanks to Thee.

  14. In the present day world, some people are printing the Gospel tracts and distributing them to a large number of people.

    They are doing this inspired by the Lord.

    Among the tracts, (1) some refer to the modern times, 2) some others speak of the second coming of the Lord and (3) the rest speak of the prophecies.

    These tracts are being sent gratis.

    As these are being blessed by the Lord, may He be praised.

  15. It is twenty centuries since the birth of Christianity and during these twenty centuries, what things happened, how many accepted Christ, how many signs of the Lord's coming were manifested, what kind of glory was given to the Lord through them and what things were happening in the World, were all recorded by Father Deva das in a book which he preserved carefully.

    Subsequently somebody took it, promising to return it.

    He has not sent it back till now.

    If the book can be traced, all the signs of His coming will be known, and any amount of God's work can be done.

    Please pray for the retrieval of the book.

    It will help us to know how the heathen turned to Christ and how they were blessed.

    PRAYER: Gracious Father, some people are preparing themselves for Thy coming and some are not.

    Some are intending to prepare and some are making efforts to prepare, but they are unable to prepare.

    So, help us all prepare fo r Thy coming and have the privilege of joining Thee into the Final Dispensation.

  16. King Saul, despite being anointed, and receiving the spirit and being victorious in battles finally went astray.

    In the same way, some Christians remain steadfast almost till the end, and get dispirited and lose themselves at the eleventh hour.

    We thank Thee, for Thou wilt keep us from falling victim to such situations.

  17. Those who have never heard about the Salvation nor the Second Advent, may succeed in being accepted in the last moments, just as those who reach the railway station late, may be able to catch the train as it is in motion.

    Did not the thief on the cross have a change of heart in that last moment? We believe that Thou wilt give us grace to partake of Thy coming in that manner, for which we express our grateful praise.

  18. Some people experience the change of heart while on death bed, and very few of them get prepared for Thy coming, and that is out of Thy grace.

    We implore Thee to grant us that grace, and we give our thanks.

  19. Some believers are in the process of completing their good works when the Advent happens and some who are ready for Thy Advent, may join Thee even if they are having their food.

    We trust that Thou wilt grant us the grace of being Ruptured in whatever state we are at the time, and for that we express our thanks.

  20. Some of Thy faithful people are raised into Thy Rapture even while sleeping and for that our heart-felt gratitude.

  21. Some believer might be mourning the death of another person elsewhere.

    Yet, he may be Raptured.

  22. One would like to return to native home as in the case of a daughter going to her father's place.

    So also the faithful await the coming of the Lord as the bride waits for the bridegroom's arrival.

    So, the Church like the Bride shall meet the Bridegroom Jesus as He comes.

    Those who fail to ‘wait’ shall miss it.

    We praise Thee, Lord, because Thou wilt help us become the ‘Waiting Church’.

  23. In a certain village there were many clashes.

    A man came to see his ailing daughter and found the depraved situation of the village.

    He felt that it was not safe to keep his daughter there, and took her away.

    Likewise, this is a filthy world, a world steeped in sin, a world of troubles caused by sins, a world of famines, diseases, poisonous reptiles, devoid of hope, a world of death and evil spirits and a world of men under the direct influence of devil.

    So, the Lord will take us to the heavenly abode and that is the second coming.

    Would the daughter decline to go with her father? Similarly, we also should not hesitate go into the clouds with the Lord.

    We should declare to God ‘I am ready’ my God and my Lord, and for declaring thus, we trust Thou wilt grant us Thy grace and we praise Thee.

  24. The billowing waves in a sea make noise caused by strong winds, both day and night.

    Like that wind, God's Holy spirit is moving the hearts of the faithful without ceasing.

    Then they praise God for receiving the salvation and rejoice in the coming of the Lord with praises.

    O Lord teach us both such kinds of praises.

  25. Our Lord, the sun, the moon and the stars, Thou didst create in the beginning of the creation are still shining in the firmament.

    They are moving in their appointed spheres.

    In the same way, bless us to walk steadfastly with the lights of joy and prepare us for Thy Advent.

    Grant us Thy grace to glorify Thee for Thy Salvation and the hope of Advent.

  26. O Lord, make our spirits Thou hast placed in us keep on meditating upon Thee.

    Grant us Thy grace to make our spirits one with Thee.

    Enable us to praise Thee with our spirit, and we trust and believe that Thou wilt give us the mind to praise Thee regarding the Salvation and Thy coming till the time we reach Thy cloud of Shekhina.

    And for this we offer our grateful thanks.

  27. Lord, transform our written praises into praises which are true and acceptable to Thee.

    What is written may be erased; but the praise received through the help of Thy spirit remains indelible.

    We magnify Thee for granting us such praise.

  28. O, God, grant us Thy grace to make our praises as sure and genuine as the written document.

  29. The Lord's coming is as certain as the Salvation, Make our exaltation and preparation as certain.

  30. While attaining to the glory of heaven we discard our mortal coil.

    Similarly, enable us to shed our shortcomings which maybe in our praises.

    Advent preparation and faith.

  31. The praising prayers written on paper with pen may be blotted out.

    But the praises written by the spirit on the parchment of heart shall not be removed.

    We beseech Thee to write thus.

  32. A certain young man, by name Devadasu, migrated to Rajahmundry from the nearby district.

    He started roaming on the roads and also dancing while preaching to people about the second coming of Christ and urging them to know, to pray and to prepare.

    People would come running in groups and listen to him out of curiosity.

    He did not have any salary for doing it.

    He was an illiterate.

    He would go into the streets in the morning and preach till twelve noon.

    Then he would sit under a tree and ask God to feed him as he had done his service.

    Somebody would come, and finding his need, give him some food.

    One day he went to Dhawaleswaram, a village near Rajahmundry, and started preaching.

    The police put him behind the bars.

    There, from the prison he preached to the constables and the inspector.

    Then they let him off saying that he was God's servant.

    Those who are educated have to do the Lord's work still more in preaching about his coming.

    Let us pray that God may raise such preachers.

    This man got his food through faith.

    In another incident, he happened to be walking through a forest, and saw a tiger sitting on the way.

    He started ringing the cymbals and jumping, and told the tiger that as he did not come to harm him, he also should not.

    So saying, he jumped in front of the tiger, and the tiger fled.

    Such people with deep faith can be ready for the coming of the Lord.

    They can defy the devil.

    O Lord, grant us Thy grace to have such faith to defy Satan.

  33. If a great dignitary the like the Governor of a State is expected to visit, people keep the area decent and presentable by cleaning up the houses, white washing them and keeping the roads well-trimmed.

    If the King of Kings is expected, should we not do much better? Lord, grant us Thy grace to prepare ourselves suitably.

  34. When the first railway train passed through Rajahmundry, people came out of their houses, fields and markets and ran to witness the new wonder.

    In the same way, people should get ready from all the directions - East, West, North and South, to join the Lord's train.

  35. Lord Jesus, as Thou art the Divine person anointed to bring Salvation to us, Thy people, we give Thee eternal praises.

  36. Jesus, our Lord, it was prophesied in the Old Testament that Thou wouldst come in the human incarnation into this World.

    They were all unique promises concerning Thy first coming which became fore-runner of the ensuing Advent for which we praise Thee.

  37. · Our Lord, Thy birth was unique among the human beings.

    It is a prelude to Thy second coming.

    Hence our praises to Thee.

  38. Moreover, the life Thou didst lead in this world was great history.

    It points to Thy second coming and we praise Thee.

  39. · Our Lord, Thy death on the cross was something exclusive, not experienced by anybody else.

    This points to Thy second coming.

    So, we exalt Thee.

  40. O Lord, Thy resurrection was glorious never known to anybody else.

    We see Thy second coming in it, and we laud Thee.

  41. O Lord, Thy ascension is not only beyond the comprehension of people, but also a unique one, unlike that of Enoch and Elijah.

    It is a sure sign of Thy second Advent.

  42. Thy epected coming generates desire in awaiting you in great suspense, and thus it is a peculiar ascension of the Church.

    It is the solemnising of the divine marriage.

    Thy coming, riding on the clouds, is one that draws the Church to itself.

    It's also a coming, confusing the World.

    Therefore, our thanks to Thee.

    Prepare us for such a strange advent.

    We salute Thee.

  43. Ever since the earth was formed, Thou hast been coming whenever Thy devotees are calling upon Thee.

    If we count them, they would be many occasions of Thy coming meant for each one.

    Therefore, we glorify Thee.

  44. When certain officials are expected to visit a village, the village head makes a proclamation and orders the people to keep the streets clean, removing garbage and other obstructions, white-wash the houses with frontage on the street, at their own cost.

    The people obey without protest.

    Likewise, signs are proclaiming the coming of Lord Jesus Christ.

    The preachers exhort you to clean up your hearts and prepare yourselves confessing your sins.

    They don’t enter into your hearts to do the job.

    You have to do at your own initiative.

    You have to offer prayers and praises spontaneously.

    You have to learn the lessons of his coming by yourselves.

    Lord, create in us the ability and the possibility to prepare ourselves for Thy coming.

    So we laud Thee.

  45. Even the saints and angels in heaven are eagerly waiting for the Lord's Advent, although they are not in need.

    How much more eager should we be, knowing that we need salvation ?O Lord, the people around us are asking when Thou art coming.

    Answer them on our behalf.

  46. O Lord, we are informing the world about the salvation and thy coming in our own manner.

    Now we entreat Thee to instruct us to proclaim Thy salvation and coming in Thine own manner of Thy manner we are ignorant.

    As Thou art going to give the message of Thy coming, we praise Thee.

  47. Oh! men of independent spirit, stop for a while and listen to me.

    The Lord Jesus, the Saviour of the world, will come riding on the clouds and take his faithful alive to the mid skies.

    Such faithful will not taste death.

    We urge you to pray and prepare from now.

    'O Lord, send this message to the whole world.

  48. Some years ago medical researchers prepared some medicine in tablets to get rid of mice.

    Those who bought them kept in their rooms.

    Some mice swallowed them which caused terror in them, they did not return any more.

    So, this became an effective method to drive out the mice.

    In the same manner, O Lord, dictate to our prayer group waiting upon Thee, the message of Thy Salvation and coming, which we would print and publish in English and distribute it, around the five continents.

    Then those who are literate will experience great fear, worry and confusion.

    The skeptics will have mental aberration.

    This is fearful, but still it paves the way to Salvation.

    This is the new final appeal that we make to Thee.

    This will create tremors in human hearts.

    Then all will cry aloud entreating Thee to save them and prepare them for Thy coming.

    Or they will at least prepare themselves for their own Salvation.

    We praise Thee for Thou art going to cause this tremor.

  49. When people are busy with their jobs, we see that on hearing about the arrival of somebody, announced by some others, they stop their work and listen to the message.

    So also do the people in this world when they hear us proclaiming that the Lord Jesus is coming again, soon.

    As our declaration rings in their ears, they will listen carefully.

    Some may believe and some may not.

    Yet, we should not mind.

    Lord, send the message of Thy coming in this manner, loud and clear.

  50. Our dear Lord, how can Thy salvation and Advent message reach the cannibals? If preachers go to them they kill and eat them.

    Such people live in Assam, Naga hills and forests in Africa.

    Some live naked.

    Some have assumed the form of gibbons.

    They have no intellect.

    How can the salvation and Thy advent message reach them ? Some missionaries went for the purpose and were consumed by them who also ate up their clothes.

    How can we make them hear this Gospel?

The events after GOD's Second Coming

After the ascension of the bride (the congregation of the believers who are selected by the Lord) the rest of the people who are left behind will undergo seven years of Tribulation.

This tribulation will be caused by the enemy of Christ the anti-Christ.

During that period many people will get repentance.

(Revelation 6:1 to 17; Mark 13:19; Zephaniah 1:14 to 18).

Lord Jesus Christ will come form heaven and make war against anti to Christ at Armageddon and will cast him and his companion namely the false prophet and demons into the lake of fire.

And Jesus Christ will bind Satan for one thousand years in a bottomless pit or in the abyss.

(Revelation 16:12 to 15; 19:19,20; Zech 14th Chapter).

Later the Lord Jesus Christ will reign on earth peacefully.

During this period gospel will be preached completely to the whole world (Revelation 20:4 to 6; 19:15 to 16; 5:10).

The Lord will put His throne on the earth to judge the people who heard the gospel during the period of thousand years and He will hear their decisions.

This is called 'the judgement of the living nations' and otherwise called the judgement which separates the sheep and the goats.' When the Lord looses Satan from the bottomless pit, He will come on the earth and will collect several nations as an army and will make war against the Lord.

Fire which comes from heaven will devour that army of Satan.

Then the Lord will cast Satan into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:7 to 10).

Later the Last judgement, the Lord will judge all people from the time of Adam.

In this judgement some will ask “Lord have we not prophesied in Your Name?” (Revelation 20:11 to 15; Ecclesiastes 12:14; Daniel 2:27 to 29).

The spirits of those who died in Christ will go to Paradise.

This place is also a part of heaven.

This was the place about which the Lord had told on to one of the thieves while He was crucified. 16:22; 23:43; 2 Corinthians 12:14; 2 Corinthians 2:7).

The spirits of those who died without repentance will be in Hades.

St.Peter in his epistles writes about Christ going to this place and preaching there.

Because God is Almighty He can save those that have repented, even after their death also.

In Psalms 139:8 it was written that ‘If I make my bed in hell, behold thou art there..even there shall thy hand lead me.’ This point can be known form the book ‘Heavenly visions’ written by Sadhu Sundar Singh.

(Psalms 9:17; 139:8; Amos 9:2; I Samuel 2:6; I Peter 3:20; 4:6; Philippians 2:9 to 11; Isaiah 13:14).

Heavenly Congregation of Prayer: In this congregation prayers will be made for the sake of earth.

It will be very delightful to know more about this prayer group.

(Rev 4:6; Is 6:3; Eze 1st chapter).

The bride will dwell in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2).

Those believers who are not included in the group called ‘the Bride’ will go to another part of Heaven which is called ‘heaven for the saved.’ (Rev 7:1 to 14; 20:4; 14:3).

The believers during the period of vials (held by angels) will remain on earth forever.

After the thousand year reign, this earth will be a part of heaven.’ (Rev 21:1; II Peter 3:13).