Maxims to rebuke Satan

  1. O Satan, the son of God came into the world to destroy the works of Satan.

    The scripture does not say that it is only to drive away Satan (1 John 3:8).

    So we praise our God by saying repeatedly “All victory in the blood of Jesus Christ, but everlasting ruin and complete destruction to the works of Satan”.

  2. O Satan, you showed the forbidden fruit to Eve, and lured her to sin against God.

    Little did you dream that the son of God when crucified, would crucify you under his feet for your deception.

    So we demand that you ran away from deceiving us.

  3. O Satan, a thief is punished for the theft, leniently for the first time.

    But if he does it for the second time, he would be punished severely.

    So mind you, as you have been deceiving crores of people again and again from the time of Adam and Eve, God will surely punish you very severely, proportionate to the people you have deceived and its frequency.

    The final punishment for you is the everlasting hell fire.

    Though you have been punished already once, you have not the sense of shame.

    You are adamant and have a lying tongue.

    So God will surely teach you a proper lesson.

    The infernal fire awaits you, O Satan and all the devils.

    O Satan, you ought to be grateful and repent of your wickedness for the creator has not punished you severely at the outset itself.

    But you have set your heart to destroy the saints.

    So we command you to avoid sinning any further by running away from us.

  4. O Satan, did not Elisha inform his servant that God's troops protecting the prophet were in greater numbers than the enemy's that came to kill him.

    (2 kings 6:16).

    Satan, don't you realise that even if you besiege us with all your hosts, remember that our God's army is stronger than yours, and so your defeat is certain and you need to run away.

    So beware of the mighty army of holy angels of God that protect us.

  5. O Satan, the sages of God are detached from the worldly affairs; and they pray for the whole world.

    We are in this world and pray for all the men of the world.

    Our prayers will not go waste.

    By prayer we gain victory over you and your evil forces.

    So you better understand for certain that you are doomed for ever to go to hell, because the combined prayers of saints constitute a mighty force to bring the doom on you.

  6. O Satan, on our behalf, there are the holy angels of heaven to fight against you, and saints of the earth to pray for our protection, with the help of these two armies, and in God's strength we will positively defeat you.

    So you need to run away from us at once.

  7. O Satan, you always intend to do us harm.

    But our God will change it into a blessing.

    In the victory that is in store for us that blessing is surely provided.

    O Satan, know surely that the evil you planned will recoil itself on you and so we rebuke you to desist from doing any wickedness.

    (Psalm 141:10; Prov 11:5; Prov 26:27)
  8. O Satan, many saints have been praying that you and your kingdom should fall.

    Their prayers are being fulfilled.

    We are elated and you are crest fallen because of your downfall.

    Since you have dragged many people into sorrow and distress, know surely that the punishment for all this your wickedness will surely come upon you without fail.

  9. O Satan, observe at the frightful struggle between Peacock and cobra snake On one side the Peacock continues to peck and wound the Cobra, and the Cobra in turn goes on hitting it with poisonous bites.

    Finally the Cobra's end draws near seeing this the mongoose comes running and bites off the snake to its death.

    In a like manner the believers in Jesus Christ and saints would surely conquer you.

  10. O Satan, Be sure to know that God will punish you according to the number of times you have tempted people into sin and to the various kinds of temptations and its intensity you have made.

    So we admonish you to leave you to leave your wickedness and run away from us.

  11. O Satan, you have a misconception that we have not repented of our sins.

    When you have not repented, you have no right to accuse against us before God.

    So we rebuke you not to point your finger of accusation against others.

    O Satan, when you stand judged for punishment, how could you judge others as guilty? This is against God's holy Law.

    Is it not written in the Book of Revelation about the punishment that is sure to be given you since you have not repented.

  12. O Satan, however much evil you have introduced in man, he is not without certain goodness and freedom to turn to God.

    This goodness is a gift from God.

    Seeing this goodness, you need to repent But you try to remove the divine gifts from him, thereby you betray your hard heartedness.

    Know surely that this hardness of heart will surely lead you to your doom in hell fire.

  13. O Satan, suppose one of us prays thus : “God, enable Satan and his angels to repent for all their wickedness, and allot a portion in heaven.

    O God, we beseech you to bestow upon them your kindness to save them from hell.” Even for such loving prayer you don’t feel happy.

    So you are sure to reap what you sow.

  14. O Satan, one of us prayed in this manner : O God, do not let any man go to hell, O Satan, if all men go into heaven, there would be none for you to lead them into temptation.

    So how good if you repent of your wickedness.

  15. O Satan, you are fully aware of the assemblies of the Church that are being conducted now.

    You know that you will never meet with success in disrupting them.

    So we admonish you to repent now.

  16. O wicked Satan, our God spoke through Joel, “In the last days, I will pour out my spirit on the young and the old”.

    On the strength of this prophecy, we are sure that our God will save from you many people.

    But you are trying to enter into our children in disguise to deceive and disturb them.

    But you beware that our God has given us the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits and so you are sure to be found out in spite of your disguise and we will drive you out to your shame.

    Our Lord has given us warning to be alert and watchful.

    Thus, He has saved us from your evil influence and strengthened us with the Holy Spirit.

    On account of His blessing, victory be to our Lord, His Church, His children and to us for ever; but only ruin and destruction to you and your wicked host.

  17. O Satan, you are unworthy to accuse anybody of crimes, as you are yourself criminally involved and prompt others to do similarly.

    So we rebuke you not to be an accuser.

  18. O Satan, if a boy knocks down another one, who is the guilty ? Is the one who has knocked down the other or the other who fell down, guilty ? As you are the one who knocks others down, know surely that you are the guilty one.

    God forgave Adam and Eve for having fallen down from His grace and blessed them.

    But God did not forgive you, Satan, but He cursed you, God's act of justice continues the same even today.

    You made our patriarchs such as Judah, and David to fall into sin.

    They are forgiven, saved and blessed, and they did great service to God.

    You are not willing to serve God, but are a stumbling block in God's ways.

    So we command you to get out of our ways.

  19. O Satan, you approached Dr.

    Martin Luther with a big list of his sins, with a view to accuse him.

    He was not frightened at that, but he rebuked you saying- Lord Jesus has wiped away all my sins, Satan, and so you can not accuse me of these sins”.

    So you fled away from him.

    So also, we rebuke you to run away from us as a coward.

  20. O Satan, it is written in the Book of Revelation that Satan carries tales of every one's sins.

    Therefore you are dubbed as the accuser by our God.

    You are a habitual liar to accuse others who are not guilty, because those whose sins are forgiven can not be called guilty.

    You accuse the saved ones of their sins.

    Hence you are guilty of falsehood, and so the accused one.

    So be afraid of the consequent punishment you are worthy of your evil.

  21. O Satan, our Father has given the title, accuser, for you.

    You are in the habit of carrying tales against the believers of God.

    The Lord says-O Satan, when you trouble the saved ones they come to me and report against you.

    Then I have to drive you away.

    Besides, I will wipe away the entire list of sins you have levelled falsely against them.” So we command you to forsake lying.

  22. O Satan, as your period of freedom is fast coming to an end, you are trying to seduce men 'into sin.

    But the Lord says-I will not judge believers on the basis of your report”(Job 35:13,14).

    Hence, O Satan, be ashamed and begone.

    You need not overhear our secrets.

    God gave us power to crush you and rebuke you.

    Hence we abuse and rebuke you and your entire retinue to flee from us.

  23. O Satan, we are aware of the destruction that awaits you.

    You don’t seem to understand well that your down fall is not far off.

    We are strengthened by our Lord to smash your face and break your jaws.

    You will never know the secrets of our strength because it is the Lord Himself (Judges 15:14).

    You come to us only to be abused by us and put to shame.

    These rebukes we announce are not only for you but for your entire hosts.

    Our prayers are like electric shocks that burn you to ashes.

    Are you not hurt badly enough for you to run away in defeat ?

  24. O Satan, you don’t want us to intercede for the world.

    It is only because you have not created it.

    Our Almighty and Loving Father made it for us and so we pray for it.

    We know that God created hell fire for your sake; and so you are not our equal.

    Since you are sure to suffer hell fire, be afraid of the punishment awaiting you and run away from us.

  25. O devils, though we were sinners, we are the forgiven ones because we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus shed for our sins.

    Since you have not repented of your sins, you deserve only the wrath of God.

    So be afraid of the God whom we adore.

  26. O Satan, our Father would not let you go free of the punishment reserved for you.

    Your punishment is at hand.

    Recall to your mind all the harm you have done to the creation and mankind since the creation of the earth and heavens.

    All the accumulated sin will surely be accounted on you and accordingly punished.

    You are already cursed.

    Therefore we have strong authority to crush you again and again.

  27. O Satan, our Father blesses His creation every minute.

    At the same time He pours out His judgements on you and your followers.

    When God blessed Adam and Eve.

    He cursed Satan the serpent to lick the dust of the earth, a humiliation to you.

    But God gave two promises to Adam and Eve.

    Firstly, He gave bread earned with hard work and secondly, the Redeemer through their family line.

    By this we understand that what God gave to man, you are deprived off, and that a Redeemer would be born from among men and not from among your hosts.

    All victory for the Redeemer Jesus Christ and everlasting hell fire for Satan and his followers.

  28. O Satan, hell is prepared for you and your followers, but not for us (Matthew 25:41).You have deceived many saying that hell is meant for men.

    Since our God has revealed the truth, you need not gloat over your act of deception.

    You often frighten men that they have to suffer eternal fire.

    But we know that the hell has been made and reserved for you and your followers long before the creation of Adam.

    But afterwards it has been allotted to man who follow you.

    For this reason, your affliction and sufferings will be made greater and unbearable to you.

    So, we rebuke you to let this fear keep you away from us.