Prayer of Consecration

  1. God, our Father, who hast created all things for my sake, who dost provide all that I require everyday, who dost give me without ceasing despite my being child unable to receive, who hast created me, Father dear tome, God my Father, my Lord, my sustainer, my protector and my lord ! I offer three many praises.

    Father, as Thou didst choose me as Thy child, not only through Thy creation but also through Thy Son, I give Thee grateful thanks.

  2. I praise Thee for the love Thou art showing me through Thy gifts, Thy patience, Thy guidance, Thy actions in removing my hardships and Thy benevolent deeds done to me.

    Yet, what is my praise compared to Thy love! what is my gratitude coming from my heart before Thy infinite love ! If I keep on praising Thee without doing any other job, even that would be very small before Thy compassion.

    As Thou art receiving such small praises with Thy willing hands, I thank Thee.

    Remembering Thy power with which Thou hast been protecting me till now and guiding me into prosperity, I praise Thee.

    I trust Thou wilt perform such deeds in my case in the days to come, for which I exalt Thee.

    My hope is that Thou wilt surely admit me into heaven at the end of my life and I salute Thee for it.

  3. O God without beginning, God eternal, God that art, and God not created ! I exalt Thee for Thy magnificence.

  4. O infinite God, Thou art everlasting, So I give Thee ever-living praises.

    As Thou shalt be forever, my endless praises to Thee.

  5. O God of life, when my life becomes weak and enervated Thou shalt pour a new life into me for which I give my ever-living praises.

  6. O Powerful God, As Thou cast make possible in my case any difficult work or impossible task, I give thanks to Thee with all my strength.

  7. O Omniscient God, as Thou art full of wisdom, Thou dost know about my hardships and my desires, even before I place them before Thee.

    Hence, Thou canst fulfil my desire.

    Even if there are many hindrances to have my desires fulfilled, Thou dost have the wise way remove all complications for their fulfillments.

    Hence, all my thanks to Thee that I know of, and all the praises that my understanding is aware of.

  8. O Holy God, Thou didst create me and all other things holy, but as sin entered, I became unholy.

    Yet, on account of Thy holiness, Thou canst renew my holiness for which I laud Thee with pure and sanctified mind.

  9. O Father, Love incarnate, as Thou art loving me much more deeply than the earthly parents love their children, I give Thee my salutations.

  10. O God of justice, as Thou art admonishing me justly whenever I am in the wrong, it is proper that I offer my thanks.

    Hence, I applaud Thee.

  11. O God without form, even if I am not able to see Thee on account of my debility, Thou art seeing me.

    Although Thou art formless, Thou hast given me a useful physical form, and also a spirit without form.

    Hence, I exalt Thee with my body and spirit.

  12. O Father omnipresent, Thou dost exist in heaven, the earth and all places.

    Hence, I glorify Thee.

    Thou canst be present wherever I go and be my companion helping me.

    Thou canst remove from many thought of feeling lonely.

    Hence, I give my thanks in all places.

  13. O the independent Lord, I salute Thee, for Thou art the Father capable of accomplishing all things by Thyself.

    Thou can also give me the strength to do things independently.

    Thou hast granted me the capability to render things on my own depending upon Thee alone.

    Hence, my praises to Thee spontaneously offered.

    I desire to praise Thee freely without being compelled.

    By granting me all Thy qualities, Thou hast endowed me with the form of Thy characteristics and Thy desire.

    After giving me all Thy qualities except the quality of free will, it would be futile to have all the others.

    Hence, I praise Thee for granting me the quality of freedom.

  14. O triune God, revealed as the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit, I give Thee many praises for Thy manifestation.

    Thou art not the God that is hidden but one who doth reveal thyself.

    As Thou art the God revealing to me Thy qualities, Thy deeds and Thy greatness, I bless Thee.

    Thou art revealed as one and three persons at the same time.

    We can not understand the mystery, yet we believe.

    I can understand it when I reach heaven.

    How can I understand Thy infinite wisdom with my limited knowledge ? I shall be learning anew the things about Thee, into endless time.

    As there is no end to Thy revelation and my learning of it, I offer my endless praises to Thee.

    glory incarnate ! O the incarnation of bliss ! I believe that Thou wilt give me the blissful state of spending my time always in Thy presence, in Thy fellowship, and in beholding Thy face for Thy glory, and I laud Thee accordingly.

  15. O God, who hast endowed us with body ! we exalt Thee.

    Thou art transforming this body which is sinful into a holy one.

    Finally, Thou shalt give me a glorious body and receive me to Thyself.

    Hence, I give Thee y thanks.

    Thou didst reveal Thyself in three ways.

    Likewise, Thou hast given me three kinds of state which are life, body and spirit, and for them I give my veneration.

    I praise Thee for uniting these three to make me one person.

    On one hand I am like Thy child, while on the other, I count for three individuals.

    For this unique creation I give my praises.

    Father, I believe that Thou wilt help me retain all the things Thou hast given me and I glorify Thee.

    Father, who can describe Thy State, Thy deeds, Thy divine qualities, Thy treatment of me and Thy glory ? So, I give Thee many salutations.

  16. O Father the generous Giver, I exalt Thee for Thy free-gifts.

    The air is freely given and I pay no tax.

    Even, in case I pay, it won’t be enough.

    I praise Thee for all Thy free gifts as long as they last.

    Since the time Thou didst create the world, till the end of it, Thou hast been giving freely, to all the human beings, both the unfaithful and the faithful, all the animals, all the vegetation and all the living things.

    If we try to acquire them ourselves, we can not secure even a bit.Thou art giving us innumerable fruits and vegetables.Many are left after we have consumed them.

    So we exalt Thee.

    The waters also remain unused.

    There are many minerals and metals Thou hast kept underneath the earth.Men have not utilised them still.

    They are using only a few of them.

    The air is not getting exhausted.

    The things Thou hast placed on the table before us are not being consumed fully.As we keep on using them from one side, Thou art continuously giving anew on the other.

    Who can describe Thy giving nature ? We are not able to utilise all of them on account of our foolishness.

    If all men have the ability to receive.

    Thy gifts, all would be rich without exception and none would be left poor.

    There is nothing that is useless in the things created by Thee.

    Thou art spending much in my care everyday.

    Can I pay if Thou dost prepare bill ?For Thy gifts given every minute, I offer my grateful thanks to Thee.

  17. O Father, of all the gifts that Thou hast given, the gift of Thy son is the most significant and infinite.

    The reason why I should praise Thee is that I am duty bound to venerate Thee every moment.

    There is no greater gift than Thy son.

    And for that I bless Thee.

    What can I say to Thy injunction that I should discard sin, be baptised, receive Salvation, partake of Thy holy communion, do service in the salvation of others, have Thy holy Book imprinted in my heart and that I should reach Thy holy presence at the end of my life! If I sit up to count Thy gifts, my life-time will not be enough.

    Although our faith, our understanding and our praise is very little in Thy sight, it is amazing that Thou dost accept it.

    What can I say, and how can I describe ! With whatever care I praise Thee, it still falls short.

    Yet, Thou art delighted, for which I laud Thee.

    There is not gift beyond the gift of Thy Son, no grace beyond the grace Thou dost show, and no salvation outside Thy Church.

    Hence, I give Thee countless praises for Thy magnanimity.

    However pure my birth and my life have been, If I am not ready for heaven at the time of death, all my life is a waste.

    In case, I am ready at the time of death, I can have the blessedness of entering heaven.

    There is another time of blessedness which is still greater.

    For that time, the moment of blink, which is the second advent of our Lord if I am not prepared.

    I shall have to remain to suffer tribulations on the earth.

    if I live with faith all the time, believe everything but not the second coming, or even believing in the second coming but not prepared for it, how wretched a state will befall me ! As Thou hast placed before us a life of devotion, a righteous death and the ascension (the Rapture) with the faithful group of the living, I give Thee many salutations.

    If it is not so, what profits our lives ? Father, Thou canst keep me from falling into such a useless state, and I bow down to Thee.

  18. O the most holy Father! even after Thou didst create the first parents in a holy state, they fell into sin resulting in its entering into us all.

    O Father, Thou hast placed in us the strength needed to discard sin.

    But, I am not able to be free from sin.

    I am trying, yet am falling.

    Again I confess before Thee.

    The brilliance of the sun, moon and stars together pales before Thy holiness.

    Also,the holiness of the holy angels falls far below Thy divine holiness.

    Then how can we the sinners, be blameless ? But for Thy forgiveness, We should have perished already.

    My Lord, whenever sin has entered my thoughts, words, efforts and deeds, I have tried to dismiss it.

    Thou wilt give me Thy help in the matter.

    When any bad is discovered, I resolve to resist satan saying ‘O Satan,this is your doing.

    You have no power over me.

    Go away’.

    I try to purify myself by confessing my sins before Thee from time to time.

  19. God, sin is not confined to itself.

    It is entering into human beings and causing diseases.At that time I resolve to implore Thee for healing.

    I try to find the cause of the disease, and get relief from it by confessing that sin before Thee.

    In case, I fail to get healed, I pray to Thee and take the medicine with Thy blessing.

    Didst Thou not use water as medicine in the case of Naaman! knowing beforehand that man would fall into sin and consequently become sick,Thou didst create herbs and other medicinal plants, giving some people the knowledge to turn them into medicines, by the use of which Thou art healing many people.

    This is Thy wonderful grace.Yet, I desire that those that have taken Thy name secure healing from diseases through prayer, praises and faith, avoiding medicines.

  20. Father! hardships, poverty and falling into debts are caused by sin.

    If they happen to me, I try to get rid myself of them through faith.

  21. Apart from these difficulties there are many more, to get rid of which I make effort through prayer.

    Sin generates another sin disbelief, cowardice, worry, indecision, annoyance, misunderstanding Thy guidance, inability to understand Thy silence.

    I resolve to acquire courage through Thee by refusing to fear Satan, adversaries, stormy weather, heat, rain, lightings, evil dreams, false visions, wars, famines, contagious diseases, poisonous creatures, death, hell, etc.

  22. I am prepared to believe in the promises as recorded in John 14:14, Ephesians 3:21, and the exhortation given in Mark 11:24.

  23. God the Holy spirit, who has advised me to be holy as Thou art holy, I give Thee many praises.

    Keep me away from every sin.

    Let me not get into temptation.

    I have decided to avoid every sin known to me.

    I am making effort to avoid committing the sins such as, forgetting Thee, getting annoyed with Thee, being ungrateful toThee, being slack in going to the worship, showing disrespect to elders, beating people, having evil desires towards men and women, coveting other's property, failing to return what is stolen coveting other's property, failing to return what is stolen from others, creating rumours against others and defaming them, telling lies, making fabrications, indulging in false arguments, feeling jealous, scolding, behaving improperly, hating others, rebuking, conspiring against others, writing anonymous letters, partaking of the sinful acts of others and all other such transgressions.

  24. I have decided to think every time of hardship as meant for my good, and also to perform all customary practices.

    I determine to have thought of Thee every time, everyday and resolve not to fail in doing good.

    I have also undertaken to praise Thee immediately after waking up and learn all things from Thy Holy Book and pray for myself and all others.

    I also undertake to sing songs, witness to others, go to Church, read good journals and books, give alms to the poor, be kind to all living beings, offer prayers immediately on encountering every needy situation, pray while eating, drinking and going anywhere, conduct family prayers, pray whenever I wake up at night and all such practices without fail.

    Also, I am decided to be honest in whatever things I have to do for my livelihood and in the matter of my profession.

    God, Thy will is my will.

    In the event of my will contradicting Thy will, I will give up my will.

  25. God, If Thou dost tell me to go to a certain place, even if I am not inclined to go there or I do not have the ability or possibility to go, still I resolve to go without a question as Abraham did.

  26. God, If Thou wilt entrust me with a difficult task and ask me to do it without fail, I will do it even if I get discouraged and feel indisposed to it.

  27. God, if thou dost command me to convey Thy words to someone I dislike, I will give up all the timidity entrenched in me and undertake to talk to him.

  28. God, If Thou wilt require me to go to another person to testify to Thee, I am determined to do so even if I do not know what to speak.

  29. God, if Thou dost ask me to cross the forest infested with wild animals, stand in a village beyond and preach Thee, I will go there without fear.

  30. God, If Thou wilt ask me to go to the cannibals living in the Naga hills near Assam and preach to them, I will go without asking a question and do so; but will not say “Provided I am given strength”
  31. God, if Thou dost tell me that Thou wilt send me to a land where I am not familiar with the local language, I resolve to go without argument and preach Thee.

  32. God, If Thou dost ask me to go to some land saying that people there will pierce me with spears and kill me, I decide to go there well-dressed.

    (you will acquire the crown of a martyr)
  33. God, if Thou dost ask me to go to yonder hill and go on fast for forty days, I am determined to do it saying that there is no greater privilege.

  34. God, when somebody dear to me is on the verge of death and many people are praying for him, if Thou dost not hear their prayers still I will rejoice and praise Thee.

  35. God, if Thou dost ask me to announce the poor feeding on the next day when I do not have a pie in my hand, still I shall undertake to do it.

  36. God, even when Thou dost ask me to perform any impossible thing, I am decided not to say ‘no’
  37. God, it is written in They word that in Lord Jesus Christ there is no difference between man and woman.

    So give me power to make myself acquainted, which is to treat the small girls as younger sisters, older girls as elder sisters, small boys as elder brothers, elderly women as mothers and elderly men as fathers.

    I am prepared to exhibit a sense of respect when I see people in authority, elders and teachers.

  38. My Father, whenever I think of anybody or see people, I resolve to say this two-word prayer in my mind 'Bless them'
  39. God, I am determined to feel pity in my heart when I remember or see people in distress.

  40. God, I am resolved to pray for every country and every Island when I happen to peruse the world map.

  41. O God, I am prepared to pray some times for those who practice mono-theistic worship, the Jews, the Budhists, the Jains, the Zorastrians and the Atheists.

  42. God, I am determined to pray sometimes for the living creatures, the vegetation, the cursed earth and all which that are in the sky above.

  43. God, I am resolved to pray that Thou bless all that Thou hast created.

  44. God, I have decided to place before Thee all the items which I have forgotten to pray for.

  45. O God, I am determined to pray for the things that men have designed fo their use such as, schools, hospitals, handicraft institutes, all professions and all useful articles.

  46. God, I place some petitions before Thee”.

    (1) I believe that Thou wilt soon fulfil the things mentioned in the lyric “O Christian Church!the time has come for accomplishing great things”.

    (2) I trust that Thou wilt accomplish the contents of the song, “When the eternal God is on my side, what can man do to me ?”

    (3) I also trust that Thou wilt have realised the things written in the song”Mental distress is not for you but only in the thoughts of glory”

    (4) I believe that Thou wilt bless still more greatly the song”Recite the name of Jesus”.