does GOD exist ??

There are no external tools to prove that God exists.  Only proof is you and your Spirit. Enable the spirit in your heart by removing all doubts from your soul, ask God for His manifestation. He will surely manifests Himself and He takes care of your faith, growth and fruits.

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can we have Dialog with GOD ?

There is direct communication with God and you. The mediator is Holy Spirit. All we need to do is allow the Spirit of God. All we need is a prepared heart, shielded by meekness and love of God. The outcome of dialog is always Truth; that reveals Love of God. His word of flow of Life and Power.

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is Kingdom of GOD Controlling ?

Kingdom of God has control over all dominions. No matter how big is the evil, God can judge and punish the evil. Our sufferings, struggles and broken hearts are building blocks of our Life and reunion with God. All we need to do is seeking and be part of Kingdom of God.

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Bible Message

The ultimate Truth of the Bible is “God loves us and we need God for our Life”. Our worldly pleasures have limitation, but Happiness in God is unlimited. Deviation from God results limitation in understanding the word of God which causes hatred & lack of Holy Spirit. God revealed many things to Devadasu ayyagaru. We can get ultimate meaning, many clues, hints and what exactly Bible says from the literature. Maranatha!



Do NOT Hate or Revile any Nation, Denomination, Religion or Person. Ask God for Revelation of unknown things in Bible.

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