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Brief Overview

God establishes his word in the heaven and reveals to his disciples at appropriate time, so that his will is established on the Earth – Psalms 119. God revealed Bible Mission to father M. Devadas ayyagaru on 31-01-1938 to reveal his love, power and grace to the great nation India and to the World through Indian missionaries.

God anointed with the Holy Spirit and empowered father M. Devadasu ayyagaru to reveal the mighty power of the Christ for his beloved people on the earth. God manifested his mission to the human beings through the holy word, called Bible. Generations to generations, the understanding of Bible got changed and completely hidden at some point of time till 15th century, AD. Bible is preached in parts according to the understanding of people later since Sir. Martin Luther found the bible scriptures. God revealed his divine qualities, the mightiness of the Christ and the powerful works of Holy Spirit to father M. Devadas and shown the secrets and the abundant life in the Bible.

God had shown his Mission to father M Devadasu ayyagaru in the open air as "Bible Mission" with golden letters to teach the complete mighty works of God, the union of our life with God after second coming of the Christ. As promised, God given a big congregation and blessed all members. The blessings promised by God are still unveiled. Few are claiming the gifts of Holy Spirit and doing great works through Lord Jesus Christ. Till now God is blessing the ministry.

This website outlines the theology based on the revelation of God through Bible and the process that God shown to father M. Devadasu ayyagaru to prepare the Holy Bride for His second coming.