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The Constitution of Bible Mission Ministries

Please Click Here to Access the Bible Mission Ministries Constitution.

The Constitution of the Bible Mission Ministries is to empower and Equip the Saints to continue the work of Lord Jesus Christ. Build the Holy Bride according to the Word of God and the covenant revealed to father M. Devadasu Ayyagaru. The constitution enables church leaders and members to have common understanding/law in the teachings, process and practices of the church. This is built according to the literature, songs and worship processes of Bible Mission. We strongly believe that the mission of Bible is manifested and exalted in the world, everyone wins and the promises will be fulfilled.

According to the Amendment-3, the constitution is under the confidential agreement and available for members specified in Article VIII(8) of the constitution.

  • Authorised Members
  • Board of Bible Mission Ministries
  • Advisory Board
  • Reverends, Pastors and Trainees
  • Associates - Independent of Bible Mission Ministries but associated to work together

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