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Lord Jesus Christ is Alive


Do whatever He (Lord Jesus Christ) tells you - John 2:5

Holy Bible

Reveals God, his Attributes, his Creation. Lord Jesus Christ and his salvation, the Holy Spirit and his power & comfort, the World and its passion. People of God and their Acts. Origin of religions. Way to the God's Kingdom on earth to Heavenly Kingdom for everlasting Life. It is called as Holy Bible, Truth of God and Book of Life


People of God. God given authority to Church to perform great things with humanity on this Earth. God is honoured by the mighty works of Church. God's people can reveal the truth and vital life. Church has power to transform harmful world to Peace and Joy. Church shall meditate the God's great Plan of Salvation.

Holy Bride

Who creates wealth in heavenly kingdom, waiting for second coming of Lord Jesus Christ. Wearing the divine attributes of God, meditating God's mighty works and thanking always for this Grace. God is beautifying his Church to bring out the Holy Bride. All missions, churches, denominations, groups are limbs of Holy Bride.


God granted great assets to Bible Mission

Devadasu Ayyagaru

Mungamuri Devadasu ayyagaru

God revealed Bible Mission in 1938

Bible Mission Literature

Books , Songs , Poems

Literature by Holy Spirit, resides in heart

Christian Lifestyle

Spiritual Lifestyle

Practice of being present in God

Bible Mission Churches


Great Churches across the globe

Bible Mission Meetings


Meetings with lacs of disciples

Divine Healing

Healing Centres

Divine Healing and new soul winning


The God's great plan of Salvation for mankind

  • Bible Mission Anadhi

    Anadhi - Before Beginning

    God's creation of invisible attributes

    God exists himself with divine attributes Holy, Life, Righteous, Love, Truth, Just, Omnipotent ...etc. God created each one of us with great glory and blessing before creating this visible world. God has great plan for each one of us. We can attain the original glory through lord Jesus Christ. God wants us to go to heaven with same glory he created in anaadhi.

  • Mithra

    Bible Old Testament (BC)

    The Creation, Kingdoms, Religions

    Reveals mighty works of God. How God made his creation, Promise of sending Christ, the Messiah. Generation of believers, Commandments, Laws and conditions. How world religions formed. What are the worst cases on earth. How kings formed. Only book available on this earth for historical, scientific evidences. Data of each event is well documented. Each and every book and chapter of Bible talks about lord Jesus Christ directly or indirectly.

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ (AD)

    The era of lord Jesus Christ

    Now we are enjoying the fruits of the kingdom established by lord Jesus Christ. He brought Truth, Peace, Love, Joy and Salvation for mankind. He paid for our trespasses and iniquities. He died for us and risen from death. He is always praying for us to shape our life as glory as we God created us. He sent Holy Spirit to comfort us and we are not alone. He won this earth and given authority to win. He is coming again soon to provide everlasting life with our father.

  • Bible Mission

    31 Jan 1938

    Bible Mission

    When generation changed, the Bible is misinterpreted. The truth is hidden. God poured His Spirit on friar & professor Martin Luther to bring forth original Bible. Bible has hidden treasure. God anointed Devadasu ayyagaru to reveal all secrets and hidden things in Bible. His 100 years experience in God's work endorsed all mighty works of God in front of our generation. No scholar, Bible commentator, theologian or spiritual scientist revealed the facts that God said in Bible. The generation Bible Mission shall start an international spiritual school to reveal these truths to the World. Bible Mission has a special role in the world during second coming of lord Jesus Christ. So always be filled with the Holy Spirit of God to perform great things to glorify our Lord.

  • Be Part
    Of God's

Bible Mission Special

Bible Mission literature & Messages are like ready to eat spiritual food

Bible Mission songs


Joy in Praising God

Bible Mission Books


Understanding Bible

Bible Mission Worship

Prayers & Poems

Classic way of meditation

Bible Mission Fellowship


power in loving each other

Bible Mission tools (songs, poems, books, messages from sannidhi) can be used as is. Each and every line reveals the truth of God. The aim of providing this material is to acquire strength from God every moment.

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