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Author: St. Mungamuri Devadasu Ayyagaru

God's "Great Plan of Salvation" for all mankind revealed

Plan of Salvation Chart
THE HEAVEN Heaven of the Saved - Paradise Prayer Group New Jerusalem
THE REGION OF AIR : The abode of evil spirit now, Ephasians 6:12
Timeless Eternity Beginning of Time Period of Christian Church The Future

God's Qualities

God thought out His works

Satan's Fall

Creation of the Worlds
Sin entry in Mankind and Promise of Salvation

Growth of Sin

Satan's Works

Age of Hope

Age of Silence

Days of John

Days of Jesus Christ
Days of Pentecost

The Beginning

Days of Persecution

Age of Reason

Age of the open Bible

Age of Christian Missions

Age of New Church

Age of Signs
Age of Bride's Ascension

Age of Tribulation

Battle of Armageddon

Thousand years Reign of Christ

Judgement of the Living

Release of Satan

The Last Battle

The Last Judgement
The Pits Hades: The abode of uncovered souls Satan Imprisoned Hell

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  1. CHAPTER - Words of comfort
  2. A) Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil". 1 Thes 5:21, 22. "But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only deceiving your own selves", James 1:22.

    Prayer: God manifest thy self to me - Amen.

    Poem from Sumathi Sathakam - vinadhagu nevvaru cheppina ....

    "Its good to listen to what others have to say;
    Better still not to hasten their way;
    He who discerns truth from untruth in what he hears,
    He indeed is the wise on earth, O good man"

    The mission of Mithra is summed up as follows:
    1. Teach the non-Christians the teachings of the Bible according to chronological order

    2. Declare and explain to the sinful world, the love of God in his great plan of salvation and assist the readers to recognize the importance of the points in this plan

    3. To enable the non-Christian world hear the Christian teaching of salvation

    4. Create an urge in the readers to study Bible, the gift of God, and examine the philosophy there of

    5. Present to the readers a spiritual code of life that will make them fit for a life here as well as for the life here after, and

    6. Provide means to help the Christian workers in their evangelistic work.

    B) Invitation of the Saviour:
    Come unto me and learn of me Mathews 11:28, 29. Words of Jesus Christ - Invitation to every one.

  3. GOD

  4. God is self existent - God's existence (Genesis 1:1; Psalms 53:1)

    1. We see heaven and earth. We cannot deny their existence. So there must be one who created them. We should not ask the question who created the creator. The Person, who without being created by anybody and without a beginning or end, and who guards and governs the whole creation, is called God. He who argues that the earth came into being of its own accord is no better than he who argues that buildings, aeroplanes, jewels, utensils and like came into being of their own accord without a maker.
      When we cannot understand the infinite wisdom of God with our finite mind, it is wisdom to be satisfied with things that we understand. We cannot explain fully why a small plant grows into a tree, nevertheless we can believe. Likewise where our wisdom and reasoning fail, there faith steps-in and brings to light that which seems impossible to the intellect to believe.

      Therefore faith makes us wiser and through faith alone we gain final emancipation. God has planted in us all wisdom and ability to believe in his existence and faith to believe and enjoy Him. They that deny him are those who despise these gifts of God given to all. This is a dangerous state of the mind. To the spiritual eye all this will be clearly seen. You can gain this experience by prayer. Secular education can help you only to some extent, but cannot secure it for you. Even the aborigines (the uncivilized) who have not heard of God worship some great unknown, because God revealed himself to their conscience.

    2. How often many of the theists are no better than the professed atheists. When trouble and trials confront us, instead of drawing up our courage that our God is with us and that He will find a way of relief, we succumb to them in despair as though He is not. Such also are atheists, though theists in name. Theists with their spirit of atheism as well as atheists with their sense of atheism should pray to God daily for a life of peace and joy.

      Understand the conversation that took place between an atheist and a Christian evangelist:

      Christian (C): You say that there is no God. Did you ask God any time - O God, dost thou exist?
      Atheist (A): How to ask a being who is non existent?

      Christian (C): Kneel down and pray, if he exists, he will answer. Otherwise he will not.
      Note: To say that he does not exist, without calling on him is unreasonable and sinful. Therefore, you kneel down with me and I will teach you the way of approach. With such words, he got the atheist to kneel down.
      Christian (C): Now say - O God, manifest thy self to me. Be merciful to me, I am a sinner
      Atheist (A): How can I say this when I do not believe it?

      Christian (C): This is nothing to do with your belief. Please simply repeat what I said.
      Christian (C): O God, manifest thy self to me. Be merciful to me, I am a sinner.
      Atheist (A): O God, manifest thy self to me. Be merciful to me, I am a sinner.

      Christian (C): Keep repeating this same prayer, till I call you for halt.

      Note: This atheist after repeating many times the same prayer, cried out with loud voice O God, how great sinner I am. O God, now I know that thou exist. You can note that, if one prays earnestly, truth is revealed to him.

      Can you prove where God is? an atheist asked a Christian evangelist. The evangelist put a counter question to the atheist if he could prove him where God is not.

    3. PRAYER

    4. O God, my father, who has created the universe and me, some argue that Thou exist and others that Thou do not and each argues that his religion is true. Therefore I pray you, you will reveal yourself to me that I may surely know that you do exist and that Christian religion is the religion you have established. Cause your wisdom to dawn upon me. When my wisdom fails me, strengthen my faith by appearing to me in a dream or a vision. When I am convinced, grant me grace to live in accordance with your will.

      Lord, sin is growing on the earth and consequently the wages of sin are increasing. Difficulties, famines, fear of animals, fear of enemies, sickness, worries, accidents and other evils trouble us. Save us from all these evils, or else grant us grace to bear them patiently, Amen.

    6. Some try for a carpenter job, some for a labour work, some for a teacher post, some for appointments in the government and some try for offers in private and so on. Each individual has a desire to get a way of livelihood or other to earn for living. To get their desire fulfilled, they undergo any amount of difficulty. They approach the authorities many times with their application and pay their respects. But how often and how many times do they approach God who gives wisdom to men to invent various works of livelihood? How much do they strive in their youth to save something out of their earnings that they may use it during their old age in comfort? It is good to think of one’s life and labor for it to be a happy one. After we finish our journey in this life, we wish to go to heaven, don’t we? How much do we think of it? Do we labor so much for life here which is transitory, consider how much more should we care to struggle for the eternal life? If we do not labor now for the eternal life of joy which we get only in His presence in heaven, when are we going to do it? If we do not strive so now, we will have to go into the everlasting hell to suffer along with the devils. So let us beware! Even if we learn all the skills of livelihood here and yet not know the way to heaven, what will they avail? Here is a simple story that illustrates this truth.

      Once, a party of labourers got into a boat to cross a river. The party included a learned man, a pandit. While they were travelling the winds blew heavily and the boat capsized. Except the padit, all the others knew swimming and so they swam across the river and reached the shore safely. But the pandit got drowned. So, what use was there of all his learning here when he did not know the skill of swimming?

      The Heaven

      God is greater than the earth and the heaven; and is greater than men and angels. He is the first and greatest of all. It is therefore our grateful duty to worship him daily, particularly in the morning immediately after we get up from bed. There is a book which God had it written for mankind. It teaches about heaven and angels, about God and how to forsake sin and attain godly piety. This book is called Bible. So study it regularly to make you approved by God.

    7. Know your God
      1. There is only one God. If there be many gods, we would not know whom to worship. There will be trouble if differences arise among them.

      2. In the beginning, Go alone existed. There was no earth, no angles, no man, no reckoning of time and nothing what so ever we could imagine or see. God has no beginning. It is wrong and harmful to the mind to question as to what time God exist.

        In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth - Gen 1:1.

        The eternal God - Deut 33:27.

        Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hast formed the earth and the world, even form everlasting to everlasting, thou art God - psalm 90:2.

        And the four beasts were created - Rev 4:8-11.

        God is one - Exodus 20:3

        I am the Lord - Isaiah 42:8; 10:23; 44:6-24; 45:5-7.

        One God in three persons - Gen 1-1-3; Numbers 6:24-26; Isaiah 6:3; Mathew 3:16-17; 28:19.

        There is trinity in man also - body, soul and spirit - 1 Thessalonians 5:23

      3. Attributes of God: Life, Free will, Love, Justice, Holiness, Power, Wisdom, All pervasive and with such other divine attributes God was revealing himself from the beginning. God is without beginning and end.

        God id Spirit: John 4:24; 2 Corinthians 3:17

        Strength - strong one: Gen 17:1; Exodus 6:3

        Love 1 John 4: 8-16

        Just: Deut 32:4

        Holy: Ps 99:9; Isaiah 5:16

        All pervasive (present every where): Psalms 139:7-10; Jeremiah 23:23

        Infinite: 1Timothy 1:17; 6:16; Job 35:1-7

        Invisible: John 1:18; 5:37; Colossians 1:15; Job 23:8, 9.

      4. God's plan of His works: In the beginning God planned to create angels, heaven, and earth and there after man and to work out the salvation of man. In accordance to that plan, God is doing from the beginning. Ephesians 1:3-12; Colossians 1:18-20.

    8. CHAPTER
    9. ANGELS

      God created angels to worship Him and to do His bidding and to be helpful to man. They are spiritual beings. They are neither masculine nor feminine - asexual beings. They daily praise God. Guarding and caring God’s creation is their happy vocation. They guard us and they are our friends. If we believe in God, they help us a good deal

      Later, when and Arch angel became Satan, those angels who did not join him, but continued steadfast in their loyalty to God, secured the gift of not sinning and also the gift of fulfilling His will. Matthew 6:10. So the Satan cannot do any harm to them. Job. 21:22; Psalm. 91:11; Job. 38:7, I Kings 19:5; Nehemiah 9:6; Job. 25:3; Psalm. 104:4; 148:2; Isaiah. 6:2; Matthew 13:39-41; Mark. 8:38.

    10. CHAPTER

    11. SATAN and DEVILS

      An Archangel (Lucifer) defied God and so he and his followers became devils (evil persons) and consequently they had to leave heaven. Their sole aim is to spoil the work of God and so is the enemy of God. We call this archangel the Satan.

      “You adversary, the devil, as a a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”. I Peter. 5:8.

      “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you”. James. 4:7.

      References about Satan and the devils and their works:

      Jude 1:6; Ephesis 6:11,12; I Chronicles 21:1; Psalm. 109:9; Luke. 2:13, Job. 1:6; Matthew. 12:24, 43-45; II Cor. 6:15; Luke 10:18; Matthew. 4:3, 4:6; I Cor. 4:4; Acts. 5:3, 16:16; I Thes. 2:18.

    12. CHAPTER

    13. WORLD

      God created the earth for man to dwell in, and the heavenly luminaries (sun, moon and stars) to give light, the fruits of trees to eat, water to drink and air to breathe. There was no want for man God created woman and gave her to man for wife. The man Adam and the woman Eve were pure and lived in the presence of God. We who are born in sin cannot understand their purity. This we read in Genesis 1 and 2nd chapter.


      God and man lived together and God was communing with him. Man and all the creatures lived in harmony. The whole creation was holy. Man had the qualities of godliness. Therefore it is written in the Bible chat God created man in His own image- Genesis 1:27; 5:1. That was the holy world of God’s creation.

    14. CHAPTER


      Satan caused man to fall into sin. This caused separation between man and God (Genesis. 3:4-6; 22-24).

      The earth was cursed because of man’s sin. Hence thorns, poison, sickness, famine and death entered the world. God pardoned the man and promised to send the the Saviour of the world. What an hour of joy that must have been to them (Genesis. 3:15).

    16. CHAPTER


      1. Satan corrupted his own mind with rebellion against God. 2. Satan corrupted the minds of other angels who ever followed him. 3. Satan creats the same evil mind in men who ever follow him. These are called satan’s works in the creation. (Isaiah. 14:12-15).

      Examples of Satan’s works in the mind of men: Lovelessness, ignorance, weakness, impurity, carelessness, barbarism, injustice, wrong attitude toward God, neglect of word of God, bondage, fear, unbelief, doubt, evil speaking, worshipping the creation neglecting the creator, atheism, despising God’s plan, blaming God, weariness, anger, envy, disrespect, evil desire, loss of hope, murder, adultery, strife, war, robbery, lies, tale bearing, ill report, drunkenness, gambling, gluttony, disuse of God’s gifts, misuse of God’s gifts for selfish ends, evil thoughts, evil eye, hearing evil, evil speech, evil attempts, evil action, evil nature, idol worship, loving any thing more than God, inordinate love for anything (which is equivalent to idolatry) All these and similar ones are the works of Satan.

      Bible References to under stand these works of Satan are Exodus32:4; Matthew 5:34; Lev. 19:12; Deut 18:10; 2 Timothy. 3:1-5; Matthew. 15:7-9; Eccl. 5:1; Proverbs. 30:17; Exodus 21:15; Matt. 5:21,22. Ephesians. 4:31; Exodus. 20:14; Matthew 5:28; Galatians 5:19-21; Exodus. 20:15; 1 Tim. 6:10; Exo. 20:16; 23:1-3; Eph. 4:25; Pro. 11:13; 25:18; Exo- dus. 20:17; James. 1:14,15; 2:10-13; Matthew. 23:14; Ezek. 14:4; 18:4; Gen. 3:4,5; I John. 3:8; Psalm. 53:1; Matthew. 13:15.


      The first man Adam committed only one sin. His progeny are committing many more. As popu- lation increased sin also increased. Along with sins, the results of sins too have increased. Genesis 6:1- 6; Rom. 1:24-32.

    18. CHAPTER

    19. AGE OF HOPE

      God, who dwelt with the first parents who were sinless ceased to appear to them because of their sins. There after many of their posterity began to worship the visible creation, that is Nature, which is helpful to man, instead of worshipping the invisible God. They would not listen to the dictates of the conscience implanted in them by God. The faculty in man of discerning good and evil is called the conscience. for a long period the worshippers of God and the worshippers of nature lived together, but there after God separated them. This we learn from the history of the people whom God has chosen as His own people. These people are known as the Jews. (Genesis 12:1-4).

      To the leaders of the Jews, God appeared in various places and at divers times and revealed great truth of God’s works yet to come to pass. They declared that the Saviour of the world would be born from among the Jews. It was God’s purpose that Jews should first get the knowledge of God, and there after they should teach it to all others. The period of about 4000 Years during which the people waited for the coming of the Saviour of the world is called the period of hope. The Jews alone had the Holy Scriptures. In the Holy scriptures we have God’s word written. These scriptures called The Bible has two parts. The first part of the Bible, called the OLD TESTAMENT is the holy Scriptures of the Jews. In it is written that the saviour of the world would come. That faith is the Jewish religion. the Jews had to walk and live according to their Book. The Paradise They that waited in hope for the coming of the promised saviour and finished their earthly life in godliness had the entrance into paradise.

      In the New Testament- the second part of the Bible it is declared that the promise Saviour had come. Faith in this saviour is the beginning and foundation of Christian religion. These to parts, namely, the old and New Testaments together constitute the divine and holy scriptures, called THE BIBLE.

      References : Luke. 2:25; 24:21; Acts. 15:14; Romans 9:4,5; Deut. 4:5-8; Genesis. 28:10-14; 12:1-3.


    21. God from the beginning revealed His words to man kind and had them recorded in the Testament, He the Jews the truth they should learn and had them do all things they ought to do At the end to that period, as there was nothing more to inform concerning the birth of the saviour, God observed silence. Therefore this period is called the period of silence.

      During this period of silence, naturally a sense of disappointment came in to some. Nevertheless, the hope in God’s words of promise has further strengthened in the Jews. In times when God does not speak out faith in him should grow. We would understand that this was the purpose intended by God for this period of silence. When they have God’s words, words of elders, Jewish history, prophesies concerning the saviours coming and the old Testament scriptures in writing containing promises which bring wisdom and comfort for every situation, how can they let their hope decay? so many of the Jews eagerly awaited the arrival of their saviour.

    22. DAYS OF JOHN

    23. All the prophets prophesied that Christ would come. John proclaimed that Christ came, and is amongst them. Judaism taught that Christ would come, and Christianity taught that Christ had come. Christianity is the fulfilment of Judaism. ‘Oh Jewish brethren, meet Him for whom we looked for and has come, was the theme of proclamation of John. It was therefore that John, to set an example, sent two of his own disciples to follow Christ as His own disciples. John by his teaching prepared the Jews to accept Christ as their saviour. Judaism is like the raw fruit where as Christianity is like its ripe fruit. We read this truth in Isaiah 40:3; Malachi 4:5; Luke 1:17; 1:57-60; 1:79; and Matthew third chapter. Many Men of God, like Moses Joshua, Samuel, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Micah, Zechariah, and Malachi, who got to know the message of God from His face have all passed away, but their witting of God’s message still abide. It is that a great sage would appear and that he would proclaim about the coming of the world’s Saviour, was the last pleasant prophesy heard by the Jews from the prophet Malachi, just before the beginning of the period of silence. The name of that great sage Was John.

      Just as the morning star is the forerunner of the rising sun, so was the prophet John to Christ. This John who laboured to turn the attention of the Jews to the Messiah, that is, Christ.

      Lived in the wilderness of Judea. He was the bearer of a new message with an awe inspiriting voice and preached it without fear at a time when the people were sinking in an ocean of despair. John was a strange youth with marked differences with regard to his place of abode food and clothing. When people were eagerly expecting a prophet, he appeared as a preacher of righteousness at an opportune moment to bring a message of peace to their troubled hearts. John was therefore able to attract the attention of both the learned and the common folk from all parts of Palestine.


    25. The long awaited Saviour of the world was born of a virgin in Palestine into a Jewish family. This news at once reached the Jews and also some others. They visited the Child. That Child grew up to manhood and he proved Himself in the hearts of people that He is God and the saviour of the world by the following in his life :

      1. His holy life. 2. Miracles He performed. 3. His victory over Satan, evil spirits, sin, sickness, sufferings, enemies, death and hell. 4. His invitation to all people to Himself, declaring that he is the way of salvation 5. His teaching that God is our Father a and that all men are brothers and there fore all men should love God and men. 6. He established Him self in the hearts of people that He is God and Saviour.

      Yet, some Jews, who would not understand Him, took Him for one who had come to destroy their religion and so crucified Him. Jesus took upon Himself the burden of the sins of the world. He had borne our sins, our sicknesses and the punishment we deserve, and died on our be half. He rose from the dead, came out alive and ascended into heaven, He Before He ascended into heaven said to His disciples :


      1. I will come again
      2. I will send you the Holy spirit
      3. Go and preach this gospel to every creature.

      He stated that those that believe in Him will go to heaven, but the unbelievers go into tribulation and punishment. (Matthew 28:19,20; 13:41-43) This savour is JESUS CHRIST. Jesus Christ has the meaning the anointed Person to provide salvation. The narrative about Christ in the Old Testament part of the Bible is in the form of prophecy, and in the New Testament part of the Bible in the from of a narration of history. This history is written in the four gospel books of the New Testament.

      Many others may call themselves saviours of the country, of the people or the world; and people may look upon other great benefactor with wonder and may regard him as a saviour. Therefore, for the people to truly recognise Him as the saviour of the world at the time of his coming God had written in the old Testament, signs that show Him to be sent from God some of which are listed below.

      1. There will be a messenger before His coming, Prophecy : Malachi 3:1; Isaiah 40:3; Fulfilment : Matthew 3:3.
      2. He will be born in Bethlehem : Prophecy : Micha 5:2; Fulfilment Luke. 2:5.
      3. He will be born of a virgin : Prophecy : Isaiah 7:14; Fulfilment : Matthew. 1:18-25; Luke. 2:1-7.
      4. People other than Jews from a far off country will come to make their offerings of gold and frankincense, Prophecy : Isaiah 60:3-6; Fulfilment: Matthew. 2:1-12;
      5. When He is a babe, the king of that place, with a view to kill Him, had all the babes of that place and round about killed. Prophecy : Jeremiah. 31:15; Fulfilment : Matthew. 2:16.
      6. To demonstrate that He is Incarnate Gold, He will have the baptism of God’s Holy Spirit : Prophecy : Isaiah 11:2; 61:1; Fulfilment : Matthew 3:13-
      7. He will preach the gospel : Prophecy. Isaiah 61:1-2; Fulfilment : Matthew 5:6,7; Mark. 1:1; Luke. 14:18.
      8. He will preach the gospel to the poor also. Prophecy : Isaiah 61:1; Fulfilment : Luke 4:18, 10:31,32.
      9. He will heal the sick : Prophecy : Isaiah 53:4, Fulfilment: Matthew. 8:16,17.
      10. He will enter Jerusalem, riding on an ass’s colt-thus signifying peace. Kings enter riding on horses during the war. Prophecy : Zechariah 9:9; Fulfilment : Matthew 21:1-11. Fulfilment of Zechariah’s Prophecy is the clearest indication for the Jews to believe that Jesus is the saviour they are looking for.
      11. He will bear our sins and the consequences of our sins. He will die and be buried. Prophecy : Psalm 22; Isaiah 53. Fulfilment : Mark. 15.
      12. He will rise alive from the dead and ascend to heaven. Prophecy Psalm 110; Fulfilment : Luke. 24:50- 53; Acts. 1:6-11; Psalm 68:18; Ephesians 4:9,10.


    27. There was Judaism before the birth of Jesus Christ. After the ascension of Jesus Christ, His disciples established Christian church based on the history of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Matthew. 28:18-20; Acts 2:41; 11:26; 26:28; I Peter 4:16; Acts. 16:17; 18:25,26; 19:9,23; 24:14,22 Isaiah 30:20,21.


      When Christ’s disciples were in prayer, the Holy spirit descended on them. Then they received power and preached Christ immediately. Christ’s disciples are called Christians. The sign of entry into the Christian faith, which is the ceremonial immersion in water is called Baptism. The spirit of God filling the believer’s heart and life is called the Baptism in the Holy spirit, that is, out pouring of the Holy spirit.


      The Christian faith and life these disciples taught in those beginning years was very good. The disciples gathered together with one mind and shared all things together. They continued daily with one accord in prayer, in following apostolic teaching, fellowship and breaking of bread. They walked with singleness of heart. Their life was pure. Acts 2:42-47.


      Christians, on account of persecutions left Palestine. Therefore, the religion had spread into various countries though Satan meant the persecutions for one thing, God turned it for good in another form. Acts 8:1-3 is the brief account of this persecution we have in the Bible the details of this persecution is found in the church history. What was unrecorded in the church history is found in the history of Christian mission.


      Despite suffering and hardship, the Christians did not give up the faith, but increased in numbers. So Satan brought doctrinal differences among Christians through reasoning with human wisdom and consequently divisions arose in the church. Therefore controversialists began to examine the religious teachings.


      After some period, the religious heads made the scripture inaccessible to people, and as a result the Church went into a state of ignorance, called the age of darkness. Nevertheless, God raised up Martin Luther to bring the Bible open for the people. Luther had many that supported him in this work.


    29. Learned men of God began to translate the Bible into many various languages. This is a great work in which God speaks to the people of all the world. On account of various interpretations of the word of God, the religion got divided into many denominations. This division is not on account of the Bible, because the Bible is the same in the hands of these people. The Church having lost the gift of godly visions, there arose differences in opinions among people The Bible is translated into more than 1200 languages by the year 1994. No other religious book is translated into so many language! as the Bible. This is a proof that the Bible is the word of God to all the world. Though various Christian denominations differ with regard to certain matters, they all preach that Jesus Christ alone is the saviour of the world.


      What takes place before the fulfilment of the events foretold in the Bible is what is called “the signs of the times”. What was to happen in future was seen by the wise men of God in visions and that prophecy is recorded in the Holy scriptures. This revelation is in the form of prophecies. Those who read these prophecies with faith would be waiting for their fulfilment.


      We treat the following events, as having taken place already by now.

      1. The commencement of the Iron Rule Daniel 2:40. Our days during the reign of foreign kings are the days of Iron rule. This period is beginning of the Last days before His (Jesus Christ’s) second coming. The days of the kings other than the Jews are known as the days of foreign rule for the Jews. This is known as the Roman rule. The Roman rule is in two periods. On is the Eastern kingdom, and the other is the western. This is again divided into ten sub-divisions. As iron and clay cannot mix together so also these kingdoms divided into ten fixed divisions will not remain united. This division we observe in the world of today clearly.

      2. Rise of False Christ's: Matthew 24:24. Even by now not less than forty imposters have risen in history each claiming himself to be the Christ, that is the saviour of the world. The anti-Christ who is the enemy of Christ has yet to come (Mathews 24:15).

      3. Rise of False Prophets (Mathews 24:11): Those who teach contrary to the teachings of the Bible are called the False Prophets. There will be many such false prophets. But the False Prophet has not yet come (Rev 13:12; 16:13). This false prophet and the anti-Christ together will come only at the beginning of the days of tribulation after the Church of believers who are yet alive is lifted up bodily to heaven.

      4. Kingdom rising against kingdom in war (Mathews 24:6,7) : One country will go to war against another country for many reasons.

      5. Famines : Mathews 24:8.
      6. Earth quakes : Mathews 24:8 : We have had earth quakes for frequently in many places around the world since 1902; such as in 1902; 1906; 1907; 1908; 1912; 1915; 1917; 1919; 1920; 1927, 1928; 1929; 1933; .....

      7. Spread of plagues (Luke 21:11) : Do not the physicians say that many new kinds of diseases are prevalent now and are still appearing?

      8. Fearful sights and great signs in Heaven (Skies) Luke 21:11-28 : Are not the astronomers publishing many wonderful things they are discovering in the skies and planets?

      9. Distress on the earth and in the seas : Luke 21:25 : This is like the roarings of the waves of an ocean. On account of various difficulties on the earth, does not the heart of man fail? On account of sinking of ships, do we not notice distress over the seas?

      10. Persecution of Christians (Mathews 24:9).
      11. Christians hated by all nations : (Mathews 24:9). and Mark 13:9.

      12. abounding (Increasing) of iniquity. Mathews 24:12; 2Thes 2:3; 2Timothy 3:1-5.
      13. Unemployment : Zechariah 8:10.
      14. Sufferings of the Jews : Fulfilment of God’s words as given in Leviticus 26 Chapter, that if the Jews, though Chosen of God as his own people, would suffer punishment if they disobey his statutes. Is not this happening in our days? The list of sufferings mentioned in this chapter is sickness, failure of crops, sufferings at the hands of their enemies, destruction of their cities, exile in foreign lands, sufferings through wars etc.

      15. Palestine will be restored as the country of the Jews, God promised in Genesis 15:17-21 and 26:4; to give to the Jews the land of Palestine as their own country. This is fulfilled.

      16. Return of Jews to Palestine : Nehemiah 1:9; Ezekiel 36:37,38; 37:25;

      17. False Teachings : 1 Timothy 4: 1-3.
      18. The meaning of the Bible prophesies will be revealed to many. Daniel 12:4-10; Isaiah 11:9; Habakkuk 2:14.

      19. People continuing their daily ungodly life as usual neglecting their knowledge of His second coming Matthew 24:37^39; Luke 17:26-30.

      20. The heart of worldly man fails him : Luke 21:25-28 The present day dangers and pressures of life frighten people.

      21. the hope of peace destroyed : Jeremiah 6:14. Though we lack details, judging from the present day events we see this sign fulfilled to signify the imminence of His second coming.

      22. Increase of wealth : (James 5:1-10).
      23. Use of aeroplanes - (Isaiah 31:5; 60:8) In 1917 when Palestine went into the British Mandatory rule, the British planes flew over the city of Jerusalem. Isaiah the prophet saw in a vision those planes in 713 BC. like the eagles that fly to protect her young ones.

      24. Use of Bus Traffic : (Nahum 2:4) Nahum the prophet calls the present day buses as cars. He prophesied in B.C. 713.

      25. It is prophesied in TALMUD, a Jewish writer says that a flowers will spring up at the time when Messiah the Christ comes. In fulfilment of that writing, the plant of that flower sprang up in Palestine during our time. In Hebrew language it is called TSELAP. This did not spring up during His first coming. This plant springs up at night, puts on leaves in the morning, and the bud and blossoms at noon.

      There are still other signs and they will appear in due seasons. So how to prepare ourself for this second coming? this is as follows.

      1. By hearing and learning fully the history of His coming.
      2. Have faith in Him, and believing all that you hear of Him as true.
      3. Humble yourself and follow the command- ments of God.
      4. Be baptised in the Holy spirit, that is, by be- ing baptised with the Holy spirit whom Christ sends into His believers. This you have through prayer, faith and waiting.

      The Baptism with water is your birth into life of the spirit, while the baptism with Holy spirit gives growth of that life of the spirit and the gifts and power necessary for the Lord’s work. As you wait in meditation in His presence, God impresses on your soul this greatest sign. So try for it.

      After the signs preceding His coming are so fulfilled, will He not come? What ever may be the hour of his coming, it is our duty to believe that it is imminent since He is truthful. Further there is no harm if you believe so. The Christians who do not teach about the certainty and imminence of His coming, if they are not false prophets harming the Christians, who else are they?


      As in the days of old, Christ stood outside the Church at Laodicea, He is today standing outside the busy visible church because of its many formal ceremonies nominal worship, ministries for the sake of salary payments and strife over many differences among various missions and divisions in them. In spite of the wide spread knowledge of His coming, even some of the believers of the Gospel doubt the imminence of His coming again, and so are not ready spiritually for the event.

      Some believers, though they believe the whole history of Christ, doubt that His coming is near. since He may come at any moment of time, we must be ready at ALL TIMES. Rev. 3:20; 22:17 Matthew 24:45,46, Mark 13:37.


      When has been written in the preceding pages so far have already taken place in history. What is written in the pages that follow will take place here after (in future).


    31. When Christ comes in the clouds into the sky. all the dead in Christ will go upon the clouds to meet Him in the sky. Those that are alive and believers in Christ will be caught up, their bodies having been transformed into glorious bodies. Babies who have not known sin will also be caught up. The church thus lifted up will go to a high place in haven called the new Jerusalem. This church is also known by the name “BRIDE”. This i.e. BRIDE is used in quite a spiritual sense, different from its common worldly usage.

      They held their torches. they held their torches
      They went to meet the bride groom. They went to meet the bride groom.
      They were virgins. They were virgins
      They slept while the bride groom tarried. They slept
      They heard the voice of the bride groom at mid night. They heard the voice of the bride groom at mid night
      They woke up. They woke up.
      They got ready with their torches and They had a store of oil (Matthew 25:1-13). They got ready with their torches (Matthew 25:1-13).
      They took oil in their vessels with their lamps(Matthew 25:1-13). -

      10 Virgins

      NOTE:- In these two groups of virgins we have these seven points. in common. Nevertheless in the second group of virgins (Foolish) their love for Christ was less. Hence they failed to meet the bride groom. Such people will not be caught up. Matthew 24:12.
      1. Those that believe in His first coming as recorded in the Bible are believers.
      2. Those that believe in the history of His life are believers.
      3. Those that believe in His pure and sinless life are believers.
      4. Those that believe in His teachings are believers.
      5. Those that believe in the history of His sufferings are believers.
      6. Those that believe in the history of His resurrection are believers.
      7. Those that believe in the history of His ascension to heaven are believers.

      If those that believe in all these, do not believe in His second coming, how can they be believers? If they do not believe His second coming how can they be caught up at His coming? Those that have not learnt the scripture relating to His second coming, how can they become believers? John 14:2-4; Thes. 4:13-18; James 2:10.


    33. The record of this period of tribulation begins at Revelation 6:3. The prophecy indicated in the first two verses (Rev. 6:1-2) relates to the time before the beginning of tribulation. The meaning of Rev. 6:3 is that, immediately after the Bride, which is the church is caught up, Christ will join them to bless the believers. During the seven consecutive years (of tribulation on earth to the unbelievers) Christ will be in heavenly feast with His devotees who were caught up. Yet he will be visiting the earth now and then to save those who are converted through tribulation, as He is all pervading. Omnipresent. This truth we understand from the vision of horses recorded in the book of Revelation. There will be a remnant of them on earth of the nominal Christians, Jews and many non-Christians. Then Anti-Christ will be having his reign of seven years on earth. Daniel 9:27.

      1. ANTI-CHRIST:- He has not yet come during our time. He will come only after the Bride, (the church) is caught up to heaven. Anti-Christ will have qualities (character), ability, power and authority of Satan and he will be well versed in all arts and will have physical beauty and grace of Language which will enable him to attract all people to obey him. He will have his own complete authority over the kingdoms of the earth, trade and wealth. He will move about with great intelligence and great cunning. Rev. 13:1-10.

      2. FALSE PROPHET :- He has not come. He will not come until the Bride is caught up. The greatness of the False prophet will lie in his shrewdness to get people believe that anti-Christ is the saviour of the world (Revelation. 13:11-18).

      3. THREE FOUL SPIRITS (DEMONS) :- These will work out great wonders in favour of anti-Christ to deceive the people of the world. Revelation 16:13.

      4. FIRST SET OF PLAGUES : - This tribulation is only to those who believe in Christ as they will not bear the seal of anti Christ. No one will buy their articles and no one will sell articles to them. To win them over to his side and to separate them from God, these are the persecutions caused by the anti-Christ. We neither have the details of sufferings in these seven years nor can be bear to hear them. Matthew 24:21. In this period, though people desire to die, death will not come to them.

      5. SECOND ST OF PLAGUES:- These sufferings will be through the nature (created universe). The excessive heat of the sun, earth quakes, famines, sufferings from wild beasts and others will constitute the plagues, but these will not be caused by anti Christ, since he has no power over the creation. These sufferings will come upon them on account of their sins. God permits these sufferings that ungodly people may turn to Him in repentance and be saved. Though the people on earth desire to die, death will not come to them. Revelation 9:6.

      6. SOCIETY:- A society will be formed to draw all the people devoted to the anti-Christ. This society will be called the ‘WOMAN’. 144,000 of the Jews will not conform to this society, but will acknowledge JESUS CHRIST as the MESSIAH the SAVIOUR and be saved. The Jews that crucified Him then are now after long time will seek refuge in HIM. Millions (Many) of the gentiles will also be saved and many will turn to gentiles will also be saved and many will turn to the LORD JESUS CHRIST during this period of tribulation.


        As the end of the tribulation period, there will be a battle between JESUS CHRIST and the Anti Christ at a place called in Bible as Armageddon.


        Anti-Christ and his allied armies who are also enemies of JESUS CHRIST will tremble in terror when they see HIM coming to the earth in glory: At that hour, by the power of Christ’s devotees, the valley formed by and earth quake will become their place of refuge. By the Glory of Christ, the armies of anti Christ will fall dead (Rev. 19:12-16). Then Jesus Christ will imprison anti-Christ, the false prophet and the demons and will blind them in the Abyss of Hell fire (Rev. 19:20); but their ruler the Satan will be bound up in hades. This Hades is called the bottomless pit (Rev. 20:2) Satan must remain there count up for a thousand year period. This confinement is an opportunity given to him to repent and be converted. But Also, He will not repent even then. Note: Physically, Armageddon is a place in Palestine, north of Jerusalem. There this battle is to take place. Therefore that place is presently uninhabited (Revelation 16:14-16).


    35. Then Jesus Christ and His Church of New Jerusalem will descend down to earth to make the changed Jerusalem the capital city of the kingdom of Christ and will reign over the entire world for a thousand years. This is Jerusalem of Palestine. The conditions that prevail in the world during this reign are as follow.

      1. Purity & Holiness in life: As there will not be the tempter Satan, anti-Christ and the false prophet on the earth and many of the unbelievers have passed away, and as all the impurity has been wiped away during the period of tribulation, the world will be pure from external sinfulness. Nevertheless in the hearts of the remnant, there will be the instinct of sinful nature (Micah 4:1-5).

      2. Preaching the Gospel: The people of God that descend from New Jerusalem will be able to speak in all the languages of the world and by virtue of their glorious body will be able to travel all over the earth freely and quickly and preach the Gospel of Christ to every person in a graceful language. The present day preaching of Christian gospel is neither complete nor has it been preached to every one. Micah 4:2; Habakkuk 2:14; Isaiah 11:9.

      3. Life of the Preachers: This of those preachers will be wonderfully and attractively pure and holy. Are there not short comings in the lives of Christians to day? It will not be so then.

      4. Worship of God: This is a wonderful act and experience. This will comprise of worship, teaching and singing psalms of praise which can not be compared even with the best of today. To witness this worship,many people from the ends of the earth will go over to Jerusalem. During those days many means of quick and comfortable transport will be in abundance to make the travelling easy. Micah 4:1-5.

      5. The state of the earth: Food grains, fruits, flowers and trees will be healthy and plentiful, and water free form pollution. There will be no stem bored (harmful insects) and no barren soil. There will be great peace between human being and all living creatures. The instinct to hart each other and fear of each other will be absent. (Isaiah 51:3-5).

      6. People: The effects of this reign on the people will be such that fightings, wars, famine, earth quakes, loss of life, flood, poisonous insects, idol worship and divisions of people like caste and race will be unknown. Deaths will be very scarce. People will have long life, even hundreds of years. During this reign of Jesus Christ, believers as well as non-believers will be comfortable and hear the gospel. Many will tun to God. There will be no taxation or compulsion Matthew 17:24-27. In Philippians 2:9-11, we read that every knee shall bow at the Name of Jesus which implies that there will be no other organised religion but the religion of Christ. Christ will take into His rule all the kingdoms of the world and it will be a reign of justice, peace and righteousness. So every man and beast and earth will get back to their original nature with which they were created at the beginning of creation. That will be a matter or great joy. References: Rev. 11:15; Isaiah 2:1-4; 11:5,9; Zechariah 8:3-5; Micah 4; Ephesians: 1:10. Philippians 2:9-11; Colossians 1:20 Isaiah: 65:17-25.


    37. To judge all the people who have by then heard the gospel during the thousand years reign of Christ, Jesus Christ will establish His throne on the earth. This judgement is called the judgement of the nations of the world. Matthew 25:31-46.


    39. Satan that was bound up for a thousand years will then be released. Instead of being grateful for his release, he will go forth all over the world with great furry to muster up his forces to go to another war against God. God will allow Satan to come to earth because of the people who still cleave to his secretly in their hearts. These people will be hiding, unable to behold the beauty of the transformed earth, the shining brightness of the holy persons, the glory of God’s worship and the power of the gospel preached during the thousand years. Otherwise God would not allow him. If every one of the people on the earth prayed to God that Satan should be bound up. God would have surely thrown him down into hell fire. But, alas, the people then will not do so. The forces of Satan will get destroyed in the was when fire from heaven rains on them. Jesus Christ will take hold of Satan and put him into hell fire that is everlasting. This will take place after the end of the thousand years reign. Revelation. 20:3. 7-10.


      Christ will resurrect all the unbelievers. that are dead and buried from the time the earth was formed until that day and make them hear His Judgement at all the places of the universe, that is on earth, in heaven and hell. Jesus Christ alone will be the Judge. This will happen at the end of the thousand years reign. Rev. 20:11-15.


      1. The remnant of the believers now resurrected on earth will remain on the New Earth. This New Earth will be a part of Heaven.
      2. The Bride (Church) will remain in the New Jerusalem.
      3. The others that are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ will remain in another place of Heaven. In al these places Christ will live with them and amongst them according to the measure of their light of life. Revelation. 21:11.


      1. (A) :
      2. God is holy and so you must give up evil: If you do not give up your evil, He will allow punishments to come upon you. God is good and therefore follow that which is good and He will give reward for your goodness. Do not forget that there is a Master over you who is above all masters and who is able to look after everything that is related to you.

      3. Dear friend, god thought of you even at the very beginning and loved you and planned for your comforts and needs. Is this not a great comfort to you who live in a world of sin and suffering? Praise God for His concern and love for you.

      4. Attributes of God : Meditate on the splendid goodness and attributes of God who shares His qualities with mankind. Be grateful to Him and use His gifts.

      5. Angels: How mindful of you is your Father, who created angels to be your friends and serve you, to protect you and keep you away from dangers! How concerned are they! So rejoice and live without fear.

      6. Satan : He was created originally as a holy angel, who subsequently rebelled against God. How patiently God is dealing with Satan, without destroy- ing Satan that rebelled against Him! Though man- kind has been sinning for such a long time, notice the magnanimity of God’s mind in His patient for bearance. His desire is that sufficient time and opportunity should be given to every one to repent of evil and turn to Him. Inspite of all His efforts, if man does not change at all, who is guilty? So do not disobey the commandments of God or spurn the love of God.

      7. Creation of the world : Before God created the man, He first created all whatever was necessary for them in abundance according to His plan. How proper it is that we should appreciate His wisdom. Did you appreciate His wisdom at any time? If we suffer want in this created world of plenty, how foolish we must be!

      8. Sin and salvation : The very moment man- kind (Adam) fell in sin, Good spoke to them, and served them. This is some what like the Father getting medicine for his son as soon as he falls ill. How forgive God is! How thoughtful our Saviour!

        As soon as you fall into an error, He will be with you ever ready to save you if you permit Him. Have you ever noticed Him? Notice Him, and then you will commit yourself to Him.

      9. Hope : Our God is God of promises. Promise strengthens man and will create great eagerness in Him for God’s rewards. It will increase one’s faith in God. Before the fulfilment of His promise. He teaches many new truths and will cause experience of joy to fill your heart.

      10. Silence : When our hearts are troubled by our ignorance and unbelief, He will be silent as though He has not noticed us. But, God uses these periods of silence in our devotion to Him only to take us into the state of perfection, though this may look as a strange method to some. It is here that man can put his faculties to discipline himself. How blessed the result is to you!

      11. Incarnation : We learn from His incarnation, how much He loves to gladden the hearts of mankind, to do all things that are beneficial to them to talk to them intimately, to help them in their difficulties and to live amongst them. How can we adequately describe His affectionate purposes He accomplished in His incarnation.

      12. Life on Earth : God gave us this world that we may get ready to leave this sinful world and may go to Him in Heaven. He places in our reach religious literature teaching us “Feed on my words till I call you to myself.” He allows experiences of suffering that we may forsake sin. To make us practice the life of Godliness, He appointed Christian teachers in the Church. To keep us safe, He established religious societies. For students, the day of leaving the school after their examinations to join their parents, is not a day of sorrow, but of joy. Like- wise, for the Christian believers, after the period of the testing on earth, the day of parting from earth to join their God the Father, through death is not a day of sorrow.

      13. Heaven : Heaven is a great place, where is neither sin nor sinners nor the consequences of sin. How great the place the heaven is, the joys in which surpass all that we know and heard of here on earth. How can we afford to lose such a place for the sake of anything in this world? God has endowed you with wisdom and conscience to discern Truth from untruth, and granted strength enough to follow Truth. Therefore do not be discouraged. If you prayerfully put to good use your wisdom and the conscience all things will be possible unto you.


      1. Holy scriptures : The Bible containing 66 books, was written by various inspired men devoted to God, at different times, in various places as they were led by the spirit of God. There are in this Book prophecies pertaining to future, which were beyond the comprehension of the writers themselves. 2 Peter 1:16-21.

      2. The writers of the books in the Bible were no doubt ordinary men, but God is its real Author. 2 Timothy 3:16. Zechariah 7:12.

      3. Today the Bible is in more than 1200 languages (by 1994) That is, it has come out in almost all the major languages of the earth so it is the Book for the world. No literature of other religions has been translated into so many languages. It is a message which God has sent for the entire world and therefore it is worthy and necessary that every one in the world read it and understand it. Even people who have no script (written language) for their oral language may hear the message of the Bible from those in whose midst they live. Missionaries have developed script for some of these languages.

      4. The history of Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world is the main theme of the Bible. All other subjects in the Bible are related to this main them alone. In the first part of the Bible, known as the Old Testament it is written in the form of prophecy (foretelling), that He would come. In the second part of the Bible known as the New Testament it is writ- ten in the form of history that He has come, and that He is to come again to take up His believers. The books of the Bible particularly the Gospels containing the works and teachings of Jesus Christ are written in such simple language that the literate as well as illiterate alike can understand. Therefore the Bible is everybody’s Book. A certain country for a long time did not allow the foreigners to enter into their country, and so Christianity was not known to them. But one in that country got some how a copy of the Gospel according to Saint Mark a book in the New Testament. A small group of people read it and without the help of any preacher or outsider they established Christianity there. They built a Church and conducted worship services, showing it to be God’s work.

      5. The History of God’s incarnation : To grant a vision of Himself to the world. He was born in the likeness of man and came as a man Jesus Christ. If He comes in the form of an animal, people would attempt to kill Him, not knowing Him. If He comes in the form of an angel, they would run away from Him for fear that it is a ghost. If He comes in His full glory, people would be burnt down to ashes. So He came in human form so that they would understand and recognise Him. He freely talked and moved among every body. By healing the sick people with His power in miraculous manner, by casting out evil spirits and demons from people tormented by them, by feeding them that came to hear Him by averting dangers, by giving excellent teaching about heaven and godly life, by forgiving sins, by raising the dead people to life He showed the people as to how God is like God’s nature and qualities. By His teachings we have known that God is our Father and that all men are brothers. By His practical life and teaching. He showed how we have to live a pure and holy life. He bore the sin of the whole world. Since no man can do the things that will make him worthy of a place in heaven, Jesus did those things for all men Christ suffered agony and death on the cross. Though He is God and sinless, He became man and offered Himself as a sin sacrifice offering for every man and died. By His death He removed the punishment on man and all the human race. Though He came as man, because He is God, He conquered death and is alive now. I He was dead forever, how could He be a Saviour? By His resurrection (coming out alive again) He earned for us eternal life. Those who believe in Him can earn for themselves these two blessings : 1) Removal of evil life and its consequences, 2) Securing good life and nature. After His resurrection, Jesus Christ appeared to His disciples and taught them many more truths and thereafter ascended into heaven. Till His second coming which may happen any time now, He is teaching through His Church all the plan of salvation. According to His promise He is with the people who pray to Him and His workers and is helping them every day.

      6. Accuracy of the Bible retained over period of time. The Hebrew language in which the Old Testament is written has 22 alphabets, while Greek language in which the New Testament is written has 26 alphabets. Each alphabet has a numerical value. All the alphabetical letters in the entire Bible are numbered and so even a single letter cannot be removed or be lost at any time over centuries. Only a minor part of the Bible is written in poetry and major portion is in prose form. In poetry the number of letters cannot be minimised, but in prose this is possible. But in the Bible there in prose or poetry. You may perhaps ask why? It is not only numbered, but also according to the order of rules the resultant figure can be divided by seven with- out any remainder. In this point of numerical value of letters, the first line in the Hebrew Bible is a very wonderful line. Can anybody write like this? The theologians of the Bible have recently discovered this now feature of it. In the Bible, the number ‘seven’ is considered holy. Is it not proved by this new discovery that the Bible is the word of God?
      7. JEWS: Every Jew now present in the world is a proof to believe Christianity as divinely ordained religion. The father of this race is Abraham who lived in BC 20th century (BC 1920) . The prophecies written in the Bible from the time of Abraham down to the prophet Malachi [BC 397] are being fulfilled till now. The members of this race are now scattered in every country of the world. Though many people may not have known much about Jews till the great war of 1914 to 1918. The news papers tell us many things now about them. Please notice from what time this race has been in existence. The people known now as Jews are the chosen people of God, and they are like the clock that marks time. They are otherwise known as the clock that marks time. They notice the marching of the history of the Jews, the history of the world events will depend on the written prophecies about the Jews. The Philistines and others who persecuted the Jews perished, but this race of Jews perished, but this race of Jews individually accepted Jesus Christ, still this race as a whole and as a nation has not accepted Him as their Messiah. After the saints of Christ [the Bride, the Church] have been translated at rapture, till the Jews accept Him as their Saviour at the end of the region of anti-Christ, this state of unbelief will continue. It was the Jews who proclaimed to the world the words that proceeded out of the mouth of God [in the times of Moses]; and it was they that preached Christ, the revelation of God and Saviour of men at the beginning of the history of the Christian Church.

      8. The expansion of the Church: The final commission words of Christ to His disciples that they should go and preach the gospel to every creature in all nations, adding to the church those that accepted Him is being carried out throughout even to this day. The Christ Church has started on her mission, not as a national religion but as a universal religion sounding the note of universality of the gospel. It goes to every country and meets every other religion and because of its variance with it, meets with much opposition and many difficulties and in spite of all hindrances the church is growing. Though many learned men, rulers of state and many ordinary folk have tried to stop its progress, the church never stopped growing. No other religion experiences such obstructions and sufferings as Christianity does, and yet church has been ex- pending into new countries and peoples. Is not this great expansion of the Church a great proof of the divine revelation and work of God in Christianity.

      9. The help that Christianity renders to the world;
        • a) Before the world was created, God planned about the salvation of mankind. At the time when man fell into sin, God made a promise of the incarnate Saviour. The religion then was known as Judaism. From the time of Christ’s ascension into heaven upto now the religion is known as the Christian religion. This is known as the Christian religion. This is spreading all over the world offering the invitation for salvation and letting people understand that it is not only the religion of the early and middle ages, but also of the new era of modern age and that it is also the religion from the beginning of time and for the end of the end of time in all ages and that it is universal.
        • b) As the Bible is God’s message which should be read by all people of the world, the Church has helped in having it printed in all languages.
        • c) Though there are many shortcomings and imperfections in the lives of Christians, and though there are difficulties of many denominational divisions among them which have arisen not on account of the Bible, but due to varied interpretations by men, though it encounters many difficulties, insults, sicknesses troubles from enemies of the gospel and martyrdom, though it meets opposition from other religions, yet the Church is progressing on this missionary enterprise to evangelise the world, no matter how much money it costs, what all dangers it may confront and even in the face of apparent signs of defeat. The Church is obeying its Master’s commandment with a deep desire to preach the gospel so that all people of the world may be saved.
        • d) The Church teaches upon every class of people to exercise brotherly love one toward another.
        • e) The Church examines whole heartedly for every good in the scriptures of all other religions.
        • f) The Church transforms uncultured people also into a people of amicable culture and good society.
        • g) It establishes residential schools to feed, clothe and educated children impartially and specially from the under-privileged society.
        • h) It establishes hospitals and health care centres to shelter the sick and render to them medical aid and preach the word of God to nature their souls.
        • i) It runs industrial and training institutions to teach the poor free of cost several useful arts and skills that will enable them to earn livelihood and thereby become responsible citizens of their own country.
        • j) It publishes books and pamphlets for the propagation of religion and literacy.
        • k) It promotes the healthy worship of One God, education, good governance in society, occupational training, medicine and health care of men, women and children, invention of machinery to reduce drudgery of labour, world peace for a comfortable living and progress, abolishing of slave trade and such other acts as a Principal agent for the beneficial progress of all peoples.
        • l) The Church strengthens the faith of Christians in their religion and establishes them in the fear of God through service of worship on Sundays and other religious meetings at appropriate periods.
        • m) The Church prays for all people and at all times that they may prosper both materially and spiritually, that they may find relief from their distress, and that they may learn the moral lessons in seasons of their sufferings.
        Note: All these good works of the Church and Christians done for the benefit for all peoples is a proof to show that this religion is divinely established.

      10. Stones and Pyramids: In the land where the history of the peoples of the Bible took place, recently a business firm, in the course of their excavations of stones, discovered that non Christian kings had the writings engraved on stones that con- firm the records in the Bible. Christ’s saying in Luke 19:40 that if these (children of Israleties) should hold their peace that these stones would cry out was fulfilled in one sense through these excavated stones.

        What these stones testify silently is a good proof indeed that Christianity is divinely revealed. The history of the Egyptian Pyramids in Africa is worth reading. What the modern scholars of the Bible have newly discovered regarding these pyramids is very interesting. Pyramids are one of the important secular means to prove that the records of the Bible is true and that Christianity is founded on historic truth by God. Isaiah 19:19-22.


      1. The great sage of Himalayas : The mountains of Himalayas is the abode of many sages who sought to know God. There are many Christian sages in this place. one such great sage is known in India as the Kailas Maharshi, which means the great sage in the abode of the godly saints. He was a Christian evangelist for a long time, carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ into many countries. In his ripe old age, he reached the mountains of Himalayas and while in meditation of God, Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him to stay there itself till. His coming again. So he is still living there even to this day for the past three hundred years. He does not have the habit of eating and dressing as we have. He was visited by one of our country- men, Sadhu Sundar Singh is one who in our times travelled all over the world preaching Jesus Christ. He is a great saint, who in an uninhabited place observed a severe fasting for forty days, during which he talked with God, learnt many truths about heaven and committed them to writing what no one else ever did. His books are now translated into many languages and are to be read by all. He taught many things in Rajahmundry town of South India also.

      2. The Secret Sanyas Mission : A sanyasi is one who has renounced the worldly way of life and marriage to be an ascetic and devoted to disciplined godly life. Sadhu Sundar Singh informed that there are hundreds of Christian sages in the Himalayas awaiting the coming of Jesus Christ, and that they would soon come out openly. These sages, like Sadhu Sundar Singth, converse with Jesus Christ. Is not this group of Sanyasies a trust worthy evidence for the gospel for us to believe?

      3. The Christian Church : This is of tow categories.
        A) The outer (external & visible) Church : This comprise of people having ceremonial and nominal Christian life. The members of this group of people eventually prepare themselves and enter into the second category of the Church, the Inner (Invisible) Church.

        B. The Inner Church : This Church is made of members of faithful Christians in their inner life. Every one of them will be saved. Out of these members, some will prepare themselves to be ready always to meet the Lord Jesus Christ who comes as the Bride groom suddenly. The Inner (Invisible) Church will have members of two grades in life.
        1. Ordinary believers : These members believe all the facts of the history of the gospel, but doubt His coming again and much less in it imminence. Therefore these do not get ready for His glorious secret coming and hence will not be in the raptured Church.
        2. The other grade is of believers in the imminence of His coming. These people believe in all the teachings of the Bible as well as in His coming and so they keep themselves ready for the even always.

        This group of believers are in two sections. a) The group of believers that have died physically. These are abiding in one part of heaven until His second coming. 1 Thes. 4:16. b) The group of believers that are still alive physically at the time of His second coming. These people, without fasting physical death will be taken up to heavenly clouds with their bodies glorified. Just before that the group that have died as believers (of group a) abiding in a place of heaven will come with glorious bodies given to them and meet them. These two sections after being united into one host titled as the Bride will go with Jesus Christ to the most high place in heaven called the New Jerusalem. These groupings of believers is summarised in the picture below.

      4. Church Type

      5. The Church, the Bride. Just as the Jews have been particularly separated from the rest of mankind as a peculiar people, where in Jesus Christ was to be born, similarly the group of believers called the Church of the Bride are chosen from all the peoples of the world to go to New Jerusalem. Who is the ‘Woman’ mentioned in the 12th Chapter of Revelation? the Jews, the Christians and the gentiles who accept Jesus Christ will constitute the Chosen Church. This church is made up of three groups. First is called ‘The Male Child’. The second is still called ‘The Woman’. She will be nourished in the wilderness. The Third is called the “Remnant of the progeny”. This third group will go over to a different place in heaven. Note that the second group called “The Woman” is not the Jewish Church.


      7. Satan’s cunning and God’s wisdom to overcome Satan : Whenever the results of Satan’s own actions or the works of his associated forces are in operation, we call them to be Satan’s work. When an army of a king conquers a country, we say that such and such a king conquered it. Likewise we attribute to Satan all the works of his force. Satan, at the beginning had put into the heart of mankind the instinct to sin. Even if he does not now and again and again lead a man into sin, the sinful nature of man will get the man to all into sin. These events are recorded below.

      8. a) Satan : He made the first man Adam and his wife Eve to commit sin. b) God : At once God forgave them through the symbolic sacrifice and made a promise that He would send the Saviour to save the mankind, the peoples of all the world.

      9. a) Satan : Afterwards, in proportion to the increase of population, Satan made people multiply in sinfulness. b) Believers and unbelievers in God lived together for a considerable time and at an appropriate time God separated the believers lest the believers get spoiled by their association with the nonbelievers. The unbelievers were destroyed by a flood. the conscience that discerns good from evil was their code of morals.

      10. a) Satan : Believers became a separate people and they are Jews. God purposed that out of this separated people the saviour was to be born. Therefore Satan led the Jews into idolatry. b) Believers and unbelievers in God lived together for a considerable time and at an appropriate time God separated the believers lest the believers get spoiled by their association with the non-believers. The unbelievers ware destroyed by a flood. the conscience that discerns good from evil was their code of morals.

      11. a) Satan: Believers became a separate people and they are Jews. God purposed that out of this separated people the saviour was to be born. Therefore Satan led the Jews into idolatry.

        b) For their sin of idolatry God punished the Jews for a number of years and so helped them to give up the sin of idolatry.

      12. a) Satan : Satan used to influence some of the reformers who would not conform to idolatry, to fall into some other sin or other. b) God: God cleansed all such reformers through their repentance and later established them in faith.

      13. a) Satan : During the period of silence, Satan weakened the hearts of Jews to lose hope in God about the birth of the Saviour. b) God : To restore hope in God’s people Jews, God sent John the baptizer and preacher.

      14. a) Satan : As the Saviour did come in spite of all his efforts, he chose certain of the Jews to oppose Him and had Him put to death.
        b) The saviour who was put to death was brought back to life by God.

      15. a) Satan : On account of the Savour’s victory over death and ascension to heaven, he persecuted His disciples.
        b) God : In all the countries where His disciples took refuge due to the persecution, there God caused His gospel to be spread by the disciples and made many from those countrymen into His own disciples.

      16. a) Satan : Satan created divisions among the disciples.
        b) God : God made the controversies its to study His word, the Bible that they may examine the truth fully and so many became teachers of His word.

      17. a) Satan : Satan created a thought in the disciples that as the Bible is the Holy Book, it should not be read by all and therefore he had it hidden from many.
        b) God : God make a person to take the Bible accessible to people. God had the Bible translated into many languages, more than 1200 by now, so that everyone that reads the Bible is able to understand it without even a teacher.

      18. a) Satan : Among the followers, he created divisions to break the unity and caused many denominations.
        b) God : Because of the denominations, God created zeal and earnestness in His disciples to preach His message in every country.
        Note:- We learn from “MITHRA” that in future also God will destroy every work and imagination of Satan and fulfil His will. What will be the final outcome? Surely God will cast Satan and all his accomplices and all the enemies of the Gospel into everlasting Hell fire. who is the victor finally? You may perhaps question that, by gathering many to his side, is not Satan the victor? The answer is that those that receive punishment are not the victors. You may perhaps ask whether God cannot save them too. Yes, If they desire, repent of their sins, believe and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour, He will save them also God will not save any one against the will of man.


      1. Steps of procedure for prayer life of a Christian :
        • a) Enter into a private room, kneel down and close your eyes. Banish from your mind completely every thought, both good as well as evil. Now think of Jesus Christ the Lord alone. Do not allow any other thought to enter into your mind.
        • b) Confess to God all your sins; sins by thought, sight, in words and deeds, sins against men, sins of cruelty to animals, sins of commission and omission and all the like to be confessed. Seek forgiveness of all your sins.
        • c) Believe that the Father has forgiven you and thank Him.
        • d) Decide in your heart and make an agreement with God that you will make every effort to walk carefully without sin hereafter.
        • e) Pray that God will grant you strength to for- sake sin and walk in the fear of God and godliness.
        • f) Now remember how God has saved you from various evils and did bless you with good things of life. Offer your thanks to Him for all the blessing received.
        • g) After you have completed these steps of preparing your heart before God, take up your petition one by one and pray for the needs and requests of others first, before you pray for your own. Pray that He may grant you food, Clothing, money health, education, family needs etc. also.
        • h) After praying for the needs as above, feel happy and rejoice in your heart for the goodness of our Good the Father. Praise Him for His love, wisdom, power, justice, omnipresence, life, goodness, long suffering, and for heaving your prayer. Lastly, after finishing all these steps in prayer, quite your mind and seek God to speak to you and wait in silence as long as you can. The God will speak to you by giving good thoughts as reply to you.
      2. Gifts of God to His disciples and the Church : His gifts are a) His qualities and Character b) His incarnate presence, c) Life in heaven and d) good life on earth You will do well if yo notice these four in your life. In the believer He has pure in His qualities and character (His stature-Ephesians : 4:11). Praise Him for the gift of freedom and free will. He does not compel man or angels or any living creature to enjoy these four gifts. He has given us freedom to enjoy and use them as much as we desire. He will not stand in our way (Gen 2:16). Whether we use these gifts or not, it will not effect His love and purpose for us. If we use them well, it is good for us; otherwise it is to our disadvantage. If we misuse these gifts, He cannot be blamed for the consequences to us. If we fall into an error, but repent and pray for forgiveness, He will surely save us. But He will not prevent us falling into error by our own desires. It happened so in the beginning. When our first parents Adam and Eve disobeyed the commandment of God, He did not prevent them, but went immediately to save them after they transgressed. If He were to prevent, then the freedom which He gave them would be void of any meaning. What ever God gives us, He gives us in abundance, more than we desire or need, John 6:11; James 1:5; and He gives only that which is good James 1:17.

      3. God’s purpose - Predestination for creation : In creating mankind, what was the purpose He thought of and intended it for? His will was that man should experience His qualities. enjoy the works He does and reflect His glory and rejoice in His presence. You may question why He created man at all, when He knew that man would get corrupted and that His purpose may not be fulfilled. We must surely know that, as God is life, He could not remain without creating He knows that He has power and therefore He could save the lost also those that believe in Him and so He could not re- main without creating. So those that believe in Him can have the blessing of living with Him in everlasting joy fulfilling His purpose completely.

      4. Sense of gratitude : The act of praying to God is no doubt good, but having a sense of gratitude and Love for God is better. Whatever God gives is a free gift. They are the following.

        • a) Air, sunshine, moon light, and rain are God’s free gifts to one and all without our asking. Do we pay for them? We should be grateful to God for these gifts. Mathew 5:45.
        • b) He has created living creatures, trees, minerals, earth and heavenly bodies, all man and for us. Did He not?
        • c) We have riches, grains, fields, food and clothing, medicinal herbs and chemicals, health, education and knowledge and skills of trade and livelihood only by His grace. Be thankful to Him.
        • d) We have religious teachings, faith in love of God and joy in His care for us. These too are only by His grace Let us thank Him.
        • e) Protection form dangers and help to come out form sicknesses are also His gifts to us. Let us be grateful to Him.
        • f) To pay that He should give us this or that need of us of relieve us from this or that trouble we are in, is no doubt a good practice in our life.
        But to remember how He does help us in all these situations of our life and offer grateful praise to Him wholeheartedly is a better habit in life. To those who offer to God all that they possess and acknowledge them to be His own and live with love and gratitude towards Him, He gives all that He has and desired to bestow to him. He does no owe us any thing. We owe to him all that we have and need to praise and thank Him all through our life.


      1. Can we not attain Heaven by our good and Charitable acts?

      2. Riches and grain drive out our poverty, but by them we cannot attain heaven. By education we get knowledge and skills of livelihood, but it cannot help us to get to heaven. Good lineage of family relationships brings greatness in society we live in but that does not lead us to heaven. Benevolent acts are a means to get great popularity and honour in this world but they cannot secure heaven for us. By knowing what God did to redeem us from sin and secure heaven for us, and believing it with all our heart, we can enter into heaven. What god did for our sake, we have it in the recorded history of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

      3. Will faith in Jesus Christ alone do?

      4. Yes.

      5. What should be our belief?

      6. It will be enough if you believe that God has forgiven all your sins you have confessed be- cause of what Jesus has done for your sake. He will give you His grace to be victorious over sin. He will give you a life of usefulness to yourself and others; and He will answer all your prayers and believe that finally He will receive you into heaven.

      7. Is there no need of good deeds?

      8. They will be useful in this life, but not at all to enter into heaven. 1 Peter 2:12; Titus 2:8,14;

      9. In that case, should we give up all good deeds?

      10. They should not be given up; but give up the idea that by such acts alone salvation can be gained.

      11. For place in heaven, will not God take into account all the good acts?

      12. When in this world itself we have, made sure of our entry into heaven then our good deeds that are the consequence of our faith will have any value. By these works of faith you can win a reward in heaven. But if you gain this whole world and yet you are not able to enter into heaven, What is this gain worth? Nothing! Matthew 16:26.

      13. Why should God send onto us Satan, sin and suffering?

      14. God never does send any of these (Lamentations 3:33). Sufferings are the consequences of our own sins. Nevertheless God is silent sometimes so that man will learn wisdom and righteousness through suffering. If you pray in the time of your suffering, He will relieve you from it. John 14:14; Psalm 19:67,71, Hosea 5:15; Deut 8:16; Job 36:15,16.

      15. Why should God come in the form of man? Can He not save from heaven itself where He is? Why should He undergo such fearful and ignominious death?

      16. For His love towards man, He became incarnate as man. Why should we doubt His acts of Love and the manner thereof? His were the sufferings and what sufferings have we? If a charitable person comes to your house and says that you need not repay any of your debts but that He would pay them off for you, would you not like it?

      17. Why are the chosen people, The Jews, subject to so much of sufferings?

      18. It is only because of their rebellion and rejection of their Saviour. (leviticus 26; John 19:15) Their chief transgression was that, after teaching that Christ would come, they failed to recognise Him, even after many others have recognised Him. When He came with signs and proofs to show that He is Christ, they rejected Him and even despised Him (Isaiah 6:1-3; 7:14; Micha 5:2; Zechariah 9:9 Matthew 1:22; Luke 21:1-20; Luke 4: 16:30; Matthew 2:3; John 1:10; 12:37; 15:20; 1John 3:1-2). There are a few of the present day, who are thinking deeply of Jesus Christ, who seem to be better than the hasty Jews of the old.

      19. Why are there many Christians with unattractive lives?

      20. Such are not perfect Christians. By seeing the short comings in Christians, one should not think that there are short comings either in Christianity or Christ or the Bible.

      21. What about those who do not know about Jesus Christ?

      22. Those that have not heard about Jesus Christ, or have heard and yet did not understand Him or those that have heard and yet were not convinced about Him for no reason of himself are not guilty for punishment in hell. People of whatever age, place, position or education, young or old would not be liable for everlasting punishment in hell before the last judgement after the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ. So some where, at some time, God will surely reveal to every man the Truth of His incarnation as Jesus Christ in history. Then the judgement would be given in accordance with the standard of one’s be given in accordance with the standard of one’s obedience to the gospel made known to him.

      23. When is the last judgement?

      24. It is given in the Chart of Salvation. It will be after:

        • 1) The rapture of the Church (the lifting up of the Bride)
        • 2) The seven year tribulation period.
        • 3) The battle of Armageddon.
        • 4) The thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on the earth.
        • 5) The judgement of those that are living and
        • 6) The release of Satan and his ultimate defeat at the hands of Jesus Christ.

      25. What is meant by the last days? (Acts. 2:17)

      26. Age of Judaism (Old Testament) ended with the Ascension of Jesus Christ. The age of the Christian Church ends with the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ. The age of the reign of foreign kings will end with the end of seven years reign of anti Christ. The Age of Christ’s reign on earth of peace will end with the Judgement of those that are living on earth. These four periods constitute the Last days.

      27. When nothing in this teaching appeals to me, what then should I do?

      28. Pray to God and then truth will be revealed to you.

      29. How will God reveal?

      30. He has many means to reveal to you. He may reveal through one of the means or an- other. He may illumine your wisdom to shine and then you would know the truth. He may cleanse your conscience and then truth would appeal to your heart. He may strengthen the quality of your faith and then you will believe the Truth. Eye can see, but can it hear? Ear can hear. but can it see? Each part of the body does its appointed duty. This is God’s ordained way. so something in you will re- veal the truth. Do not faint in heart, but continue to have hope. It may be through your conscience, or the creation, or the Bible, or your wisdom, or history of religions, or experiences borne through suffering, or experiences borne of good deeds, or the enlightened discussions with other godly people, or acquaintance with good books, that God will make manifest and clear to you the truth. It may be through dreams while asleep or visions of holy men or angels or Lord Jesus Christ himself to you while asleep or awake. He may reveal and teach you the Truth. So do not delay to know the truth.

      31. God is said to be Triune God. How is it?

      32. This truth is not fully understood by any body on earth or in heaven. An illustration may help to some extent. Flame, heat and light all these three are one in our experience. If heat is separated. flame and light will vanish. If light is removed, flame and heat will be absent. If flame is removed, the other two will disappear. This is our natural experience. This illustrates unity in diversity and diversity in unity. For the benefit of men and creation. God in the Bible revealed Himself in three Persons, as the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. (Genesis 1:1-3; Numbers 6:22-26; Isaiah 6:1-3, Matthew 3:13- 7; 28:16-20; Revelation 4:1-8). God became incarnate in the form of Son of man in Jesus Christ, to appear to mankind.

      33. Was He born like us as man?

      34. For our birth, both our parents (mother and father) are the means But for His human birth, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit is the cause (Luke 1:34,35). There is nothing of human effort in this His birth. He is also called The Son of man as He became incarnate with spotless human qualities. Philippians 2:5-11;l Luke 8:21); Although He became man. He never committed any sin, and therefore He is able to save all. (Hebrews 4:15; 1 John 3:5; Hebrews 7:25,26). In His terrible death on the cross, He offered Himself as a propitiation for all our sins that by His blood we be forgiven of our sins and made holy. (1 John 1:7; Ephesians 1:7; Hebrews 9:11-22).

      35. Are there scripture references in the Bible to show that Jesus is God? Are there scripture references in the Bible to show that Jesus is God?

      36. Yes. There are : and they are the following: Isaiah 9:6; Titus 2:11-13; John 20:31; Romans 9:5; Philippians 2:6,7; These verses contain the name God. There are many verses and narratives that prove that Jesus is God. If you examine His life on earth, it would be possible and easy to say and believe that surely Jesus is God. His history had gone by without necessity of His declaring Himself to be God. He is the only Saviour of the world (Acts 4:12) If you compare the flame of a fire to the Father, light to the Son and heat to the Holy Spirit, then you can understand the Triune God, and Jesus as God.

      37. Why call Lord Jesus the Son of God? It looks as though that God is separate and the Son is separate, and therefore why not we worship God alone?

      38. If God, the Father comes into the world we cannot behold Him; and so He appeared in the Person of Jesus Christ. This man Jesus is God and Son. Christ who is compared to light in the flame illustrated above is the representative of everything in the flame (God). Just as we for convenience in conversation separate light from fire, similarly we separate the Son from the Father. Since Jesus came from God, we call Him the Son, not created but is in God from the eternity. Does light come and exist after the flame and heat, or does it coexist along with the other tow? The work of light is to reveal the flame; likewise since Jesus came from God, Christ reveals God (John 1:10; 8:12; 9:5). He who comes of an earthly father, we call him the son; likewise since Jesus came of God, we call Him the Son of God. Son reveals his father and so does Christ reveal God. Thought a son is born of his father after a time, in case of Christ this idea is not valid. Jesus light is a part of and co-existent with flame similarly Christ is part and parcel of and co- eternal with God. To think that Jesus Christ is one third part in God is wrong. If Christ is the Son of God, to question whether God has a wife is improper. Just as God has created man in His own likeness, God incarnating as man is proper and reasonable. Christ is God’s answer to all the problems of mankind. (Proverbs 30:4; Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 26:63-67; John 1:14; 3:16; 1John 4:9; John 10:30; 10:38; 12:45; 14:7-19; 17:10).

      39. Is there any mention in the Bible about transmigration of souls?

      40. There is no where in the Bible mention of a man being born again as an animal or a man after his death; but there is mention of rebirth or new birth with altogether a different meaning. The phenomena of being born-again or new birth is when one gives up his bad habits and nature and than with his will subordinated to that of God has a life of new and holy nature. We read in Matthew 4:17. “Repent, for the kingdom of God is very near”. and in John 3:3. “Unless” one is born again, he shall not see heaven”. These words of the Lord refer only to the change of heart and nature (Titus 3:5). It is written in the Bible that the believers who died already would come again to the earth in the same personality with glorious bodies (Matthew 17:1-8); 27:52,53). When Christ book His disciples to a mountain to pray, the men of God, who lived long ago earlier, namely Moses and Elias came down from heaven and conversed with Him. When Jesus died on the cross, many saints that were dead came out alive and afterwards appeared to many after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


    45. The Following questions, even if discussed will not be helpful to you for spiritual benefit. So it is advisable not to discuss them.

      1. How did evil thought arise in the holy angel (Lucifer)?

      2. If God had destroyed Satan in the beginning itself, will not the mankind remained undefiled by sin?

      3. If the first woman (Eve) who transgressed was destroyed near the very tree where she sinned and another created in her stead, will not the man- kind be free from this present trouble?

      4. Why did a pit only to fill it up again? Where was the necessity for God to come down as man? Could He not saved us staying in heaven itself?

      5. Each religion argue against the others. Seeing all this, why does God keep quiet? Should He either stop all this or prevent evil thoughts from entering into man?

      6. For the sinful deeds of man, why does God bring punishments on the creation and nature like earthquakes, famines, floods and death?

      7. Why is the eternal hell prepared? Does it show God’s love?

      8. Please do not entertain such questions in your mind. If entertained, controversy will arise in the mind and will disturb your tranquillity and will lead you into a state of disappointment. Having first touched the fruit of the forbidden tree in violation of God’s command, note how the first woman was drawn into sin in the history of the beginnings of the world in the Bible (Gen. 3) so also it is good for us not to entertain thoughts on these questions. In this world, we have only finite wisdom get answers for some questions only that are necessary for our benefit. But in heaven we get answers for all. Therefore, before entering into heaven, why should we confuse our mind with questions which we should we confuse our mind with questions which we should not entertain now. So it is necessary and safe for us to be satisfied with the answers which we get, and that is faith.


      Many Friends have requested that the subject matter of the Chart at the end of this book should appear in a book form. For some time past, this was taught by word of mouth only and now we rejoice to see it presented in a book from. Praise the Lord! May the study of this book be a means for the evangelists to explain the gospel more fully and to the best of their ability. Where it does not help, there one can skip by. the title MITHRA, meaning FRIEND, is chosen according to the spoken word of God. This book was written with the hope that it would help the unbelievers to enter into a life of faith, assist the believers to grow in spiritual life and create zeal in the evangelists. The setting of MITHRA is according to the chronological order. The events relating to the period from the beginning of creation to the age of signs of His coming have already occured in the past. The signs of His coming have appeared and are still appearing now. The events from the age of signs to the end of last days are yet to take place.

      In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all mankind, MITHRA emerges out on a journey round the world to live the life of a friend of everyone, talking in every language. rendering friendly help, presenting itself as friend even to the hostile and the controversalist, so that it may accomplish its appointed task of leading each individual to the salvation of their souls.

      What is recorded in this book MITHRA is the teaching Mr. M. Devadasu, who devoted his life and body to God and is a friend of God. There are still many manuscripts of his teachings which are not yet printed. May God in His appointed time help us to print them.

      Revision History

      • English translation work of this book(మిత్ర) was driven by Rev. J. JOHN SELVARAJ Ayyagaaru (Released on 1/11/1995)
      • English translation of this version was carried by Prof. Patta Jyothi Rao garu