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Bible Mission Books, Literature, Messages and Churches

"Please note that the hard copies of Bible Mission Books, Messages and Literature can be obtained from the Bible Mission Office. Author of the below listed literature was Mungamuri Devadasu Ayyagaru. We are helping to promote and understanding the content of these books."

Below Table Highlights the Books one must read

Please note that we are working on bringing the Bible Mission Literature online, and the Books available online are underlined. Please send us if you have an electronic copy of any unavailable book here, so that we make them available to the world.
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1 అభయాని Abhayani
Apologetic - A War without harm
Driving facts for revelation of Bible Mission
2 రక్షణ సంకల్పన దండకము Rakshana Maha Sanklapana Dhandakam
Chanting the God for his Great Plan of Salvation
Rhythmic Chants for praising divine God
3 విమలాత్మ ప్రోక్షణము Vimalathma Prokshanam
Pouring of Holy Spirit
Sprinkle the Holy Spirit abundantly
4 మిత్ర Mithra
The Friend
Hierarchical, Space and time line view of plan of God for Human beings
5 సైతాను నెదురించు సూత్రములు Satanunu edhirinchu sutramulu
Maxims to rebuke Satan
Ways and Secrets to defeat evil powers
6 దైవ లక్షణముల స్తుతి Daivalakshanamula Shtuthi
Praising God for his Divine Qualities
Complete guide to reveal the Patterns for praising God
7 సమర్పణ ప్రార్ధన Samarpana Prardhana
Prayer of Consecration
The pattern of prayer while dedicating ourselves to God
8 సన్నిది సంపద Sannidhi Sampadha
Wealth of Holy Presence
The value and wealth we get when we are in the presence of God
9 దైవిక స్వస్థత Dhaivika Swasthatha
Divine Healing
Practice of experiencing divine healing
10 (నీతి సూర్యుని కళలద్దు) దైవసాన్నిధ్యము Dhaiva Saannidyam
Presence of God
How to draw near to God and sanctify by experiencing his presence
11 సిలువ విలువ - ధ్యాన కలువ Siluva Dhyanamulu
Meditation of Crucifixion
Guide for lenten 40 days and messages of crucification of Lord Jesus Christ
12 సువిశేష ధోరణి Suvishesha Dhorani
The Way to Gospel for Salvation
Introduction to the Good News for all
13 ఉపవాస ప్రార్ధన ప్రకరణము Upavaasa Prardhana Prakaranamu
Article of Fasting Prayer
Process, steps and power of fasting prayer
14 ఉపవాస ప్రార్ధన దీక్ష Upavaasa Prardana Dheeksha
Discipleship through Fasting Prayer
Transference of energy to disciples from God during fasting prayer
15 రక్షణ వాణి Rakshana Vaani
Voice of Salvation
Call for salvation
16 దేవుడు ఎందుకు ఊరుకొనుచున్నడు! Devudu Endhuku Voorukonu chunnadu
Why God Refrains
Why God is not immeditely punishing when people sin
17 రాకడ ధ్వని Raakada Dwani
Trumpet of the Rapture
Alarms and signs of second coming of Lord Jesus Christ
18 ప్రార్ధన మెట్లు Prardana Metlu
Steps to Pray God
The result oriented pattern of praying God to get anything we want from God
19 ద్వితీయాగమన సందేశములు Dwithiyaagamana Sandeshamulu
Messages of Second Coming
Messages of Second coming of Jesus Christ
20 ప్రభువు సంస్కారపు విందు వర్తమానములు Prabhu Samskarapu Vindu Varthamaanamulu
Messages of Lord's Table
Communication with God during Lord's Table
21 మనస్సాక్షి Manashakshi
The God's physical part in our body for all two way communication and monitoring
22 ఇమ్మానుయేలు Emmanuelu - Emmanuel The name of God from heaven that comforts all irrespective of the religion
23 రక్షణ వార్తావళి Rakshana Vaartha vali
News series of Salvation
The informative series of salvation
24 రాకడ ప్రార్థనలు స్తుతులు Raakada Prardanalu Sthuthulu
Prayers and Worship of Rapture
Patterns of prayer to have consciousness of Second coming
25 పరమ గీతార్థము (వచన వివరణ) Parama geethardham vol 1&2
Divine Meaning of Song of Solomon
The ultimate meaning of each verse of Song of Solomon
26 సంఘారాధనలు Bible mission Sanghaaraadhanalu
Processes of Worship in Bible Mission Churches
The process of worship in each occation of church events
28 ప్రకటన గ్రంధ వివరము 22 అద్యాయములు Prakatana Grandha Vivarana
Explanation of Book of Revelation
The ultimate, precise and required description of each verse of the last book of Bible - Revelations
29 బైబిలు మిషను కీర్తనలు Bible Mission Songs
Classical Songs by M. Devadasu Ayyagaru
Promises revealed to M. Devadas Ayyagaru in the form of Songs
30 క్రైస్తవ పండుగల సందేశమాల Chraisthava Panduglu - Christian Festivals The process and essential messages for Bible Mission Festivals
31 రక్షణ పద్యములు Rakshana Padhyamulu
Poems - Salvation of God
Plan of Salvation, The poems written in simple language
32 మహిమ వార్తావళి Mahima Vaarthavali
Gospel Series of Glorious God
Series of Gospel in short tracts
33 వాగ్దాన మంజరి Vaagdhana Manjari
Bunch of God's Promises
All Promises of God for human beings
34 ద్వితీయాగమనము Dwitheeyagamanamu
Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Messages on Second Coming of Jesus Christ
35 నిరపాయ పత్రిక Nirapaaya Pathrika
Harmless Tracts
Harmless Tracts and Pamphlets
36 క్రిస్మస్ సందేశములు
Messages of Christmas
Collection of Christmas Messages
37 ప్రార్ధన మంజరి
Bunch of prayers
Collection of Prayers to God
38 శ్రమకాలపు గుడారము
Tent during Tribulation
Tent of confortness during the tribulation
39 ఆత్మీయ స్వస్థత
Spiritual Healing
The promissed healing of Spirit and conscience
40 ప్రార్ధనావళి
Patterns of prayers
Collection of Prayer Patterns
41 మోషే సుఖోపవాస ధ్యానదీపిక
Meditation on Moses 40 Days
Medittional Enlightment through fasting
42 విఖ్యాత వనితలు
Famous Women
Great Women in the Bible
43 సన్నిధి వన్నె
Brightness through Sannidhi
Get Brightness through Waiting in God's Presence
44 సన్నిధి క్రమావళి
Process of Sannidhi
Process of waiting in God's Holy Presence
45 పరిశుద్ధాత్మ అభిషేక అభ్యాసము
Practice of Holy Spirit Anointment
Practice of Holy Spirit Anointment, Continuous 10 Days Prayer for pouring of Holy Spirit
46 ప్రకటన గ్రంధ అధ్యాయములు
Revelation Chapter overview
Overview key notes of the Revelation chapter of Bible
47 ప్రకటన గ్రంధ ముఖ్యాంశములు
The key points of Revelation
The crux of Revelation chapter of Bible
48 జ్ఞాతవ్యము 1
Summary, Process and Practices of Bible Mission
Summary, Process and Practice of Great Plan of Salvation
49 జ్ఞాతవ్యము 2
Summary, Process and Practices of Bible Mission
Summary, Process and Practice of Great Plan of Salvation
50 జ్ఞాతవ్యము 3
Summary, Process and Practices of Bible Mission
Summary, Process and Practice of Great Plan of Salvation
51 జ్ఞాతవ్యము 4
Summary, Process and Practices of Bible Mission
Summary, Process and Practice of Great Plan of Salvation
52 యేసు, గాలి తుఫానుననుచుట (బుర్రకధ)
Jesus command over earth, water and wind
Folk performance of incident of Jesus stopped storm over Sea
53 దేవదాసు అయ్యగారి జీవిత చరిత్ర
Anointment of God to Devadau Ayyagaru
The Life History and God's great anointment to father Mungamuri Devadasu Ayyagaru
54 బైబిలు మిషను
Bible Mission
Collection of Promises to Bible Mission
55 సన్నిధి వర్తమానములు
Sannidhi Varthamaanamulu
Messages manifested in Meditational Sannidhi prayers
56 సూక్తులు
Quotes of father M. Devadas for all mankind

Bible Mission Churches

Some people are mailing/calling us to find the Bible Mission church in their city/locality. So We are providing church details based on information available on Internet/church registration with our website. Please find Bible Mission Churches here. If your church does not have online presence, Submit your church address and contact details to appear your church address on Internet.