Devadasu ayyagaru
మూల వాక్యము:

యోహాను 2:5

ఆయన మీతో చెప్పునది చేయుడి
మూల సిద్ధాంతము:
ఏ మతమునుగాని, ఏ మనుష్యునిగాని, ఏ మతశాఖనుగాని దూషింపరాదు, ద్వేషింపరాదు. తెలియని విషయములు దేవునినడిగి తెలిసుకొనవలెను.
ప్రపంచ భాషలలో వినండి
సూక్ష్మ ప్రార్థన:
దేవా నాకు కనబడుము, నాతో మాట్లాడుము!
దేవా అందరికి కనబడుము, అందరితో మాట్లాడుము!
ప్రార్థన ప్రకరణము, ప్రార్థనామంజరి


ప్రభువైన యేసూ రమ్ము!

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The Bible

Authored by the Spirit of God. The past, present and future. A dedicated truth of GOD. The manual for human Life. A Living Word, Holy Book. Proof for the mighty works of God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

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Father M Devadasu

Lived 120 years. Anointed by God, a spiritual scientist revealed the Truth in Bible. Experienced the power and presence of God every moment in his life. Produced valuable literature by the Spirit of God.

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e Bible Mission

An electronic media to exalt the Word of God, His divine attributes, the Creation, Plan of Salvation and bringing it to reality, To promote vision, mission and teachings of Devadasu ayyagaru.

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Overview of Bible Mission

What's Bible Mission

  • A revelation of God manifested to Mungamuri Devadasu ayyagaru in 1938.
  • Unique literature (songs, books, poems, prayers and commentaries) evolved
  • New paradigm to understand the Bible
  • Mission to prepare Holy Bride (Church) of Christ

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What's NOT Bible Mission

  • NOT Teaching on the basis of "Oppose, Hate, Curse, No, Nothing, Not"
  • Not started with the pressure of foreign. Does't ask any help from foreign
  • Not Reflecting if any one hates for any reason
  • Not silent in "Praising God and Rebuking Satan"

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Why Bible Mission

  • God Himself revealed to manifest the Truth
  • God established it to reveal New Things
  • God exalts it to be Hounoured
  • God ordered to prepare the church for rapture
  • God directly teaches individual (practice of Sannidhi)

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Do NOT Hate or Revile any Nation, Denomination, Religion or Person. Ask God for Revelation of unknown things.